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Honduras: Turicentro Sandoval Water Park in Ocotepeque

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Travel anywhere in the world brings us all surprises. Unexpected experiences, people we meet, and adventures are all part of travel. At the same time, when I set out to travel to Honduras I never imagined digital marketing, a press trip in Honduras, and a water park in Ocotepeque all in one!

In September of 2021, I experienced a stay at Hotel Sandoval and adventure at Turicentro Sandoval Water Park in Ocotepeque, Honduras. It's been years since I last went to a waterpark.

When I discovered Manuel Sandoval and his family owned and operated both Hotel Sandoval and Turicentro Sandoval Water Park in Ocotepeque, I knew I would love enjoy the experience. My adventures with Honduras began with a press trip to Honduras, and the surprise of El Salvador. It continued with the adventures nearby in nature, and with Turicentro Sandoval!

Starting travel to Honduras by visiting Ocotepeque is a great choice. Ocotepeque is within 3 hours of El Salvador, has a population of about 15,000, and is a walkable city.

During my stay in Ocotepeque, Honduras at Hotel Sandoval, I visited Turicentro Sandoval Water Park several times. The park offers 2 adult pools, 3 children's pools, green space, playgrounds, picnic tables, and events.

Whether you are traveling solo for pleasure or business, a digital nomad, traveling with family and friends, Turicentro Sandoval Water Park is a great adventure you'll love!

I love that Turicentro Sandoval is quiet, relaxing AND adventurous. I know you will agree too!