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Costa Rica Adventure: Orchid Gardens in Monteverde, Costa Rica

My Costa Rica adventures continue with Orchid Gardens in Monteverde, Costa Rica. If you didn't know, I love Orchids and always have. In 2011, I painted Orchids with oil paints and the painting found its home above my bed for years.

So, it is no surprise when I learned there is an Orchid Garden in Monteverde. Costa Rica, I planned to visit. I am so glad I did! During the one hour tour with Belen (included in the price of admission), I learned more about orchids than in the last 5-10+ years.

Did you know that there are over 20,000 species of Orchids around the world, and Costa Rica has over 1,500 including their national flower Guaria Morada? Something else that surprised me about Orchids includes that over 80% of wild orchids in the world are miniature.

The Orchid Gardens in Monteverde, Costa Rica include over 400 species with about about 12o in bloom at a time to see on a visit.

Guaria Morada: Costa Rica National Flower. Shot via IG: Villas_Blessed_CR

Visiting Orchid Gardens in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Several weeks before and after arriving at my Airbnb in Monteverde, Costa Rica, I outlined adventures I would love to have. While I researched various things to do in advance, I asked for input from the owner of Casa Balbi. I learned about things I didn't see online like Cuchara de Abuela (Grandma's Spoon Restaurant) right behind CASEM (Woman's Coop of Artisan Artistry)

I wanted to have various adventures every 2-3 days during my 2-3 week stay in Monteverde. Although, I loved my adventures in La Fortuna, Costa Rica. I wanted more time in nature and a slower pace. I knew Monteverde, Costa Rica would be perfect.

While many tourists come for 1-3 days, I wanted to spend more time. I learned many authors writing about plant and wild life around the world have made Monteverde, Costa Rica home for great reason.

I decided my next adventure would be Orchid Gardens.


It's in the heart of Santa Elena. The Orchid Gardens are behind Banco Nacional and next to Orchid Cafe. You can't miss them walking or driving through Santa Elena.

The Santa Elena and Monteverde Region is small and everything is close especially if you love to walk. At the same time, the hills, conditions of road, and weather may have you rethink walking in some areas.

Entrance Fee and Hours

The Orchid Garden is $14 (and well worth it), and the hours are 9am to 5pm. They currently offer a virtual tour you may ask about. However, there is nothing like the real thing when you may do it. Make sure you check fees and hours in case things change.

I went on a Wednesday, and saw one other person besides the employees. The gardens include trails immersed in greenery as well as bathroom, small gift shop, and Orchid Cafe next door.

Monteverde Orchid Gardens

Monteverde Orchid Gardens

Monteverde Orchid Gardens

When you visit Monteverde Orchid Gardens, the entrance fee includes a tour guide to help teach you about the mini Orchids including how the flowers are both male and female, pollination process, blooming process, as well as the average life cycle of the orchids.

I had Belen as my tour guide at Monteverde Orchid Gardens, and she did an amazing job. I learned so much about their 400+ species including the Spider, Laelia, and Maxillaria. I learned that one of the most incredible blooming times in Costa Rica is the end of December.

Laelia Orchid

The Laelia Orchid is beautiful and breathtaking and it smells like a sweet grape candy.

Maxillaria Orchid

I loved every step of my visit. After the tour with the guide, you may walk around by yourself as well.

I loved this orchid because of the colors, and it feels like wax when you touch it. So cool!

Monteverde Orchid Garden

Monteverde Orchid Garden

There are countless reasons to add Monteverde, Costa Rica to your itinerary in Costa Rica. Some of the reasons to visit this paradise includes the abundance of nature including cloud forest reserves, as well as Monteverde Orchid Garden inspiring travel now and in the future.

Pura Vida abounds all around Costa Rica.

Have you visited Monteverde? Is it on your list now?

Are you curious about Costa Rica and the Pura Vida?


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