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A Scarcity Mindset & How it Costs You Much More Than You Think

Actions to Take To Abundance and More Money

I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2011. I was 32. Years before, I experienced some financial challenges as I shifted between industries.

Somehow, it seemed I forgot. Isn’t it interesting how we walk through pain and forget the purpose years later? My lessons learned included not aligning with my passion, purpose, people, and profits.

Like many of us, I chose practical over purpose early-on. Walking through 7+ industries in strategy, finance, and operations, somehow along the way, I lost myself. I accepted working for industries, companies and with people, I did not align with or respect.

Yet, I allowed it because I couldn’t see another way yet, and the bills had to be paid. At the same time, I was dying inside.

What is ironic is that I created wealth for others to the tune of over 8 figures annually. Yet, when I became an entrepreneur all of my scarcity mindsets and influences came up to be healed.

Somehow along the way, I lost my love of writing, creating, traveling, and helping others create what they love. My mindset somehow got twisted into thinking it was not possible to have one with the other.

Who says we can’t create what we love, have freedom in all forms, and make money?

When and where did we begin to accept that lie?


Scarcity Mindset

My journey in adjusting a mindset from scarcity to abundance hasn’t been easy. My awakening of going from I can create millions for others AND myself has not been without pain.