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7 Ways to Freedom: Beautiful Soul Series

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

In today's instant and social media world, it is easy to compare someone else's Chapter 7 with your Chapter 1. Social media may help inspire or discourage you depending on your mindset. Keep in mind you see 1%, or a snapshot, of someone's life via Social Media.

Being and becoming an entrepreneur may be the scariest thing we have ever done. Sometimes, we stop ourselves and self-sabatoge because of fears. We all have layers to face of fears of rejection, failure, success and the unknown. Our past successes can hurt us too because we get comfortable and don't stay as hungry or humble.

It's important to remind yourself of the goals you set before for your life and the work it took for you to get here. It helps you relate to others, as well as helps you stay hungry and humble. You may regularly reflect on freedom in all forms like I do.. I've always loved to learn. It started with being motivated by creative, expressive, and time freedom early on in life.

It continued all through Corporate including over 7 industries and being side hustle queen until I became a full-time entrepreneur in 2011.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I have peeled so many layers with our Creator since 2011. I have walked from Fear to Faith, Self Hate to Love, Corporate to Calling, Bondage to Freedom. I continue to every single day.


Most recently, this past weekend I did a three day Fast and Social Media Detox. I spent time immersed in prayer, reading the Bible (Mark - Acts), and nature. I walked two miles each way two days in a row to Chastain Park to sit by a stream in silence for hours. I finished the Crazy Faith study by Transformation Church and Lead Pastor Mike Todd. I tuned in to parts 1-4 of the Marked Study by Lead Pastor Mark Todd as well. I listened and wrote down my goals.

As I reflected on upcoming content, I felt my spirit speak to me on 7 Ways to Freedom. These are insights of my journey over the last 7+ years that I have walked through and continue to transform in.

7 Ways to Freedom
7 Ways to Freedom

7 Ways to Freedom
7 Ways to Freedom

The 7 Ways to Freedom are steps to constantly revisit. Depending where I am, or where you are, you will learn new things about yourself, your mindset, and life.

Whether you are new to personal development or a regular, these seven ways to freedom will help you transform. Here's 7 Ways to Freedom: A Beautiful Soul Series feature.

7 Ways to Freedom

I'm sharing 7 ways to freedom. You will learn how to set yourself up powerfully to breakthrough new levels in your mindset and journey. These ways will help you whether you are in Corporate, a side hustler, or an entrepreneur.

Before you go further, ask yourself what would you love to transform the most? Is it truly the issue? What are you learning about yourself in this season of life? Are you clear on your vision? How firm is your faith? Do you know your path? Are you working on your strengths and weaknesses?

1. Vast Vision

When you are an entrepreneur or not, I recommend considering setting time to create a vision for your life. Proverbs 29:18 reminds us "without vision people perish".

This was a tough lesson I've Iearned in many ways. Although I set a vision in college for my life, I didn't completely tune with myself for what I wanted for my life. I let many people's opinions influence what I set. In addition, after I reached the vision earlier than I thought by age 29 until four years ago. Thank God I realized then were I missed the marks.

Take a good honest look at your vision for your life. Have you taken off the limits? Do you include time, location and financial freedom? Who or what is influencing your vision?

At any point in time, you may choose to create a new vision for your life.

You are limitless. You are resilient. You are priceless.

Tips for You:

Write Down 30 Things You Would Love to Do Before You Die

Get Clear on the Life Legacy You Want to Leave

Outline Your 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success

Set Goals for 1, 3, 5, and 7 Years that Line Up

Write Down & Record Your Goals & Listen to Them


2. Firm Faith

I believe it is key to master ourselves and get a PhD in you. As I audited myself over the past several years, I noticed where I would have unstable faith. One moment I would have high levels of faith, and then I would allow fear (or someone else's fear to impact my faith).

I used to start something and then when it didn't happen by a certain time, I would speak death, judge the action, or quit. Anyone else?

Scripture references:

Hebrews 11: 1 Faith is the Substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen. Hebrews 11:6 Without Faith, it is impossible to please God

James 2:26 - As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

James 1:8 - Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do.

Proverbs 18:21 - Power of Life and Death is in the tongue, those who love it will bear fruit.

Galatians 5:22 The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

James 1:4 - Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

I took 100% ownership for this and began to firm up foundation. I immersed myself since April in reading the Bible 3+ X daily straight through for the first time. I increased my time in personal development that aligned. I paid attention to the words others spoke over me and what I allowed. I hyper focused on what I speak about myself. I police what I listen to.

Tips for You:

Where Are You Lacking Faith?

How Do You Self-Sabatoge?

Are You Stopping Too Soon?

Do You Speak Life or Death?


3. Pursue Purity

In 2011, our Creator started to draw me into a closer and closer relationship showing me areas to change in my character. This included everything from self love to purity to communication. I recognized where I previously behaved in ways misaligned to God. Yet, because of God's grace I am forgiven. Yet, at the same time I pay a price for disobedience. This causes me to obey faster out of love.

My transformation story of a lifetime continues to be written. It humbles at every level from the inside out. No matter where you are in life, how could you transform? How could you get better in your habits in health? In wealth? In business? With others?

Tips for You:

Assess Your Habits

Get Honest with Yourself

Choose 1-3 things in next 30 days or less


4. Passionate Promises

Ask yourself what you really want in life. Those God Given dreams are in you for a reason. You have a story, gifts, and a dream that is unique to you. Let go of the fear of the unknown and go all in every single moment. Let the fear of regret outweigh every other fear.

One of my favorite reminders is 1 John 4:18 Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear

Choose to focus on what you want and not on what you don't want. That is one of our diseases of humanity and one of the reasons why I don't watch the news for over 20 years.

Choose to focus on Phil 4:8 - what is noble, right, pure, and praiseworthy...

Tips for You:

Focus on what you want

Speak life over yourself

Feed Faith and Starve Fear


5. Chase Calling

Chasing your calling on earth will help you cut out noise in every way. Think of how you want to impact people. Consider platforms you could use to reach more people. Ask for supernatural wisdom.

One of my favorite references is John 3:8 "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit".

The more you focus on chasing calling, the more you become aware of the limited time you have on earth. I am extremely tuned in to how I invest my time daily. Now, I track my time in 15min to 1 hour increments.

Every day, I become more allergic to wasting time on things that don't align. Either it aligns to the way, will and word or it doesn't. This goes for love, mercy and grace for people too. Sometimes that means loving from afar or choosing something else that aligns better.

This means not apologizing for designing the masterpiece of your life.

Tips for you:

Chase Your Calling

Pray for Supernatural Guidance

Audit for Alignment

Be Aware of How You Spend Time


6. Speak to Your People

You are You. That is your power. You are not for everyone, but you are for a people. Get clear on your before & after story. Know who you are speaking to and speak to them. The clearer you are in every way, the faster your people will find you.

For example, over the last 5+ years, I got clear on three types of people I am speaking to:

1) Those that want to transform each area of life as convenient as possible to create a life and business they love

(typically woman in Corp or couples wants things easier)

2) Influencer, Social Media Guru and/or Entrepreneur on Instagram struggling to monetize their message and build a brand brand

3) Media and Wellness Platforms and Communities to help us reach more people and collaborate in lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.

Ask yourself who were you a few years ago?

How could you help your old self?

Where could you connect with your circles of influence?

Tips for you:

Think of Your Before & After

Consider What Problems You Solve

Identify 1-3 Target Tribes

Research Platforms to Connect

Create Copy & Communication that Aligns


7. Freedom Focus

Freedom focus may be the most important one. I constantly think about am I expressing myself freely with faith. Challenge yourself to imagine having mindset, time, location and financial freedom. These are questions I started asking over three years ago.

Now, I am walking in much more freedom in expression, time, location and more.

My current focus is financial from the inside out.

I remind myself ALL the time of Galatians 5:1 It is for FREEDOM that Christ set us FREE.

Stand firm then, and do NOT let yourself be bonded by a yoke of slavery again.

Keep in mind that others will try and speak onto you their own fears and limitations.

It is your choice to allow or stop that fear, speech, and bondage in its tracks.

Tips for you:

Design Your Life

Challenge Your Freedoms

Peel the Layers

Choose a Focus

Stay Accountable

Walk in Freedom

These are 7 ways to freedom that are never ending. I celebrate progress, and at the same time acknowledge that I never arrive. I remind myself to stay content in the present.

Encourage yourself to take on the area or ways that most spoke to you currently. This could be a focus in 1 way alone, 3 ways, or a step in each of the 7 ways. You choose what is best for you.

There is nothing like feeling transformation in your life. We thrive on progress in our lives no matter how small the step. Cheer yourself on like you would a 6 month old baby learning to walk.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you want more on our beautiful soul series, you'll love this post on transform from the inside out.


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