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4 Steps to Achieve Your Goals Sooner Than You Think in 2019

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Hello Goal Getter! You wouldn't be here if you weren't a Goal Getter!

Likely, you have achieved some or many goals. Or, maybe you clicked because you are ready to achieve your goals easier and faster.

Goal setting is critical to success. Goals help us to grow. At the same time, it is important not to make goals your God. What do I mean by this? Well, I used to set goals and strive to achieve them to the detriment of everything and everyone else - including myself.

Years ago, in Corporate America I set only career and financial goals. My health, relationships and business suffered. I lost myself and I got burned out. Now, I follow a 90 day plan and seven steps to success to make sure I am aligned with my passion and purpose.

At the same time, I am now applying the same skillsets I applied in Corporate to reach anywhere from 100-1000%+ return on investment and >7 figure results annually repeatedly. I feel like the skillset came back once I got everything in the proper order and practiced it faithfully.

Did you know that only 8% of people achieve goals? They focus on keeping the end in mind as well as other success factors. Perhaps, you have achieved goals before. When you increase your goals, they require a different mindset. If you aren't getting the results you want, you may want to consider a more focused approach whether you are talking about health, relational, or business goals.

I get how you feel in every way. What goals do you have for your purpose? How about your relationship goals? What impact do you want to make?

Have you set a vision for your life?

Do you know your financial goals for the year?

These are some things to think about for your goal setting. I would suggest picking one at a time. Here, we will be focusing on financial goals. You can use the same approach for any goal that I share here.

I am always learning and I share where I have currently grown in the hopes that it helps you. Learn and apply what makes sense for you.

4 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Sooner Than You Think in 2019

In the 4 steps to achieve your goals sooner than you think in 2019, this is breaking down goal setting and helping you focus in finances. The same approach may easily be applied to other goals like what I share in our 90 day plan.

Setting up goals that align to your vision helps motivate you. Immersing yourself with daily reminders of your goals helps you stay focused.

When I started setting larger goals, I got to practice new goal setting skills. These goal setting skills included a hyper focus for 1 thing or area in my life. With time, focusing on all areas of life became easier because of new habits.

When we are misaligned in all or almost all areas of life, it will require years of focus to get aligned to your passion and purpose. I experienced this in my faith, vision, and health to start the first three years of my transformation story from 2011-2014. In comparison, 2014-2018 involved purpose, faith, and focus.

Each and every time, I had to revaluate the approach for goal setting to refine it.

The 4 steps to achieve your goals sooner than you think is what I practice regularly now since July. I am noticing increased faith, confidence and results daily.

Achieving your goals sooner than you think will involve a new mindset to help you simplify Getting healthier starts with a desire and daily decisions. The longer we practice habits, the easier they become.

1. Vision for Life Legacy and Year

Do you have a vision for your life? Who do you want to impact? Is there a specific goal you have for this year? Some of you will have both a vision for your life and a yearly focus. If you don't have either, focus on your one year goal.

I have a life legacy I am focused on to help simplify health, wealth and business and serve millions. The purpose is to help people transform and inspire by giving back to help end homelessness, end cancer, vets, and battered women.

Clearly, this will not be accomplished in a year. The person I have gotten to become in the last 5+ years is massively different. I have a one year plan that lines up to the future of the life legacy. The one year plan lines up to each quarter (three month period), each week and each day as well to the present.

For example, this year my word is Freedom. As a result, every area of life from spiritual to financial is impacted. If you are starting with a one year plan, complete the steps in this post. Then, in the next 90 days challenge yourself to think of your life legacy. My Create It Journal sneak peek is a great place to start.

To summarize:

1) Consider your life legacy

2) Identify the word driving you

3) Determine your focus for this year.

4) Write down a specific goal for that area

Example: I am so happy and grateful I am reaching six figures this year.

When I achieved financial goals years ago at the detriment to myself and my life this scared me. I learned step by step how to prioritize areas of my life and honor my process. As I focus on financial goals now, it is with a completely different mindset and approach.

I am no longer willing to dishonor, devalue, or misalign from my passion and purpose. My peace and caring for my vessel comes first.

What is your goal for 2019?

How does that line up to your life legacy?

Do you reflect daily on your alignment and actions?

2. Setting Quarterly Goals

Setting quarterly goals that line up with your annual goals is important.

For example, some of my quarterly goals include:

1) Completing the Bible straight through for the first time by 10/31.

2) Staying consistent with physical goals and planning for dance & fitness show.

3) Reaching six figures in the next 90 days or less - stretch goal.

I recommend you set goals for the quarter that line up for the quarter. Make them super specific.

Let's break down the financial goals.

Financial Goals:

1) $100,000 in 90 days stretch goal. Overall up to 1 year or less.

2) Daily seek divine guidance and take action with circles of influence.

3) Daily track outreach & proposals that line up to goals & communities I want

This week on Monday outreach included circles of influence like co-working, brands, and travel. The proposals submitted on Monday were over $100,000 in direct impact and over 30,000 documented volume points estimated with Herbalife. Keep in mind I don't know the outcome. This is where faith comes in massively being an entrepreneur.

You can see how with these results on Monday, I already felt growth in faith. I challenge you to do the same. Set a goal. Get consistent with actions. Challenge yourself to simplify and amplify your day. I learned how to segment days with 3 key focus areas over the last several months. I am noticing massive shifts in my energy and external results.

Think about what quarterly goals you are setting.

How could you simplify and amplify impact?

What time blocks could you set daily?

How could you set your week up for success?

You may love our free 14 day challenge in lifestyle, transformation, and entrepreneurship to help you jump start.

3. Determine Your Monthly Goals

The next step is determining your monthly goals. I have shared below how to break this down from the quarterly goals to the monthly goals so you can see the progression.

For example, some of my quarterly goals include:

1) Completing the Bible straight through for the first time by 10/31.

2) Staying consistent with physical goals and planning for dance & fitness show.

3) Reaching six figures in the next 90 days or less - stretch goal.

Monthly Goals:

1) Segment the bible to track where I will be the end of each week and month.

2) Review physical results each week and month to make sure on track.

3) Track financial goals for $40,000 each month / $10,000 each week and >2,500 DVP.

4) Track >8 circles of influence, >8 influencers/distributors, and >22 clients.

5) Breakdown your goals weekly and daily. Challenge yourself to achieve weekly goals daily.

This activity is helping you laser in on each goal to get focused. If you listened to any of my goals or 90 day plans last year, you will notice how my timing now is much more aligned. In addition, I keep each segment to 3-5 points to help keep them simple and focus. You can see how I am taking the monthly down to weekly and daily. This helps you get to results faster.

I want you to hope for the best and be patient. Some things you take action on will generate an immediate result. You will get some surprises that are literally a God send. Other areas you take action on may happen later or never. Take the action and release the outcome. Keep going.

Think about what monthly goals follow your quarterly goals.

What are the biggest areas of impact that would help you?

4. Surround Yourself with Your Goals

Surround yourself with your goals. It is very easy to lose sight of your goals if they are not front and center. This may done by writing them down in your journal, tracking them on an app like Focus matrix, and writing them on a WarBoard that you keep on your refrigerator.

I reinforce goals by writing them down in a planner and on my calendar.

I track daily targets like:

1) Actions leading towards $10,000 + >2500 DVP

2) Website metrics like traffic, engagement, and time

3) 3 Weekly Calls with Brands e.g. for Workshops, Wellness, Media

4) 3 Podcasts & Blogs & >5 Social for the Week & >3 Influencer Platforms

5) 2 Brand, 2 Influencers/Distributors, 7 Clients / 7 Preferred Members Weekly

I am focused on this daily now. I challenge myself every day to push myself to reach these goals.

My challenge to you is making more time.

Where do you spent time?

How do you overcomplicate?

Where are you creating chaos in a shorter amount of time?

How do you over pressure yourself?

Achieve Your Goals Sooner Than You Think

These four steps will help you achieve your goals sooner than you think in 2019. How could you refine your goals going into the last quarter of the year? Don't wait for the new year. Your transformation and your life deserves the time and investment now.

What could be a goal that you set for the rest of 2019, and a year from now? Imagine what action steps you may take now to end the year completely different than you started the year. What is something you refuse to take with you into 2020?

How do you want to renew your mind and spirit now ending 2019 strong? What steps resonated with you the most? How did you experience clarity for any of your current or future goals?

These 12 steps to transformation will help you jump start the vision for your life.




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