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How to Create a Life and Business You Love (and Sneak Peek to Journal)

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Who doesn't want to create a life and business they love? Sometimes having everything external doesn't guarantee love and joy internally. You see people that have it all externally, yet you can see or hear unhappiness. Maybe, that's how you feel.

It may take years to create a life and business you love, but it's worth it. There are many people who don't feel happy from the inside out. Many people are not being and doing what they love. Ask yourself are you living a life by default, or by design?

I get it. I've walked from fear to faith, self hate to love, corporate to calling, and bondage to freedom. I continue to transform as well. You know you want to create a life and business you love, but you don't know where to start.

Do you have a vision for your life?

Who do you want to create with in your community?

How could you make and manage money like a boss?

Here, I will share a sneak peek to my

A Life + Business You Love + Give Back.:

A FIT Life Creation: Journal: A Purposeful Plan for Your Life

This includes:


100 Year Legacy

Your Why

One Year

I Ams





You will walk away from this simple and action driven purposeful plan and journal clearer and clearer. This is a guide you will use daily, yearly to create your new plan, and constantly line up to your legacy you want to leave.

Create it: A Life and Business You Love

In the journal and this sneak peek, is a hands on implementation based guide.

It is an 8 Part Activity for you to take action on every single day. It will call you and push you to live a different life than you have been living.

It's the choice to transform your life into what you love. Are there circumstances that require the fight of our lives? Of course. I don't take sharing any of this lightly.

When we don’t tune in to our creator and ourselves, it's easy to find our identity, worth, and path in the external or find situations hopeless.

Changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors isn't easy. It's knowing all things are possible with God (Luke 1:37). It's fighting for the freedom and life you want. I am no different. I come from a line of fighters - Four countries by the time I was two to give you a sneak peek to my transformation story.

How to Create a Life and Business You Love
How to Create a Life and Business You Love

1. Vision for Your Life

Do you have a vision for your life? Have you written a 100 Year Legacy? Or are you reacting to life?

When there is no vision, people perish. Prov 29:18. If you are living day in and out with no vision for the future, how can it change?

I believe our life is not our own. I believe life is a gift and the legacy we leave and what we do with our time is our gift back. How about starting with writing down your 100 year legacy?

How do you want to impact the world? What could you do to align with what you love?

Why do you want to impact?

Where do you want to travel?

What do you want people to say about you?

2. Let Your Why Drive You

Your Why. Where, How, and Who do you want to impact? How do you want to serve people? What have you overcome? What amount of money do you want to give to causes in your city or around the world that break your heart.

It's important to have a why that drives you that is closer to you like your family, as well as a bigger Why of impact to the world. Depending on your current perspective, one may hit you harder in the present moment to push you to overcome. Think of who or what makes you cry.

What drives you daily?

How do you want to impact your family?

Are you clear on what it means if you quit?

Have you written down your why?

3. Make a One Year Outline

Having a vision jump starts your excitement. It is important to bring it to the present to help you focus. A one year outline of your vision for the next year of your life will help you focus.

What is your vision - Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, physically, playfully, financially? How can you take action on it and align it to your 100 year legacy and your Why?

Ps. if you love this, check out our free 14 day lifestyle transformation challenge with daily guidance on health, wealth and business!

4. Speak Life and Love

Too many times we speak negatively and don't realize it. Worse yet, we allow ourselves to be surrounded by others that speak lack over us. How could you start to speak life over yourself with I Am statements daily?

You will begin to get clear on who you are, and speak life over yourself. You will transform from who you are today to become who you are meant to be and created to be to align with your vision and legacy given to you.

This could include statements like I am limitless, resilient and priceless.

5. Figure Out Feelings

Our feelings aren't always easy to figure out. Sometimes we react out of emotions vs. digging deep to see what is going on. It's important to tune in to the inside on how you are feeling. You will get to know yourself and get to transform those feelings and connect the dots as to why you are feeling them.

6. Tune in to Thinking

Do you ask yourself how and why you think something? Are you tuning in to your thoughts? It's important to think of what you are thinking and how it aligns. Ask yourself if your beliefs are serving you? A great test is to look at every area of your life.

Pick 1 area of your life you aren't happy with and consider your behaviors and thoughts in that area. Choose 1 behavior and thought to start shifting step by step every 30 days.

7. Question Possibilities

Let your dreams and desires scare you. Then, ask what would it take to...have joy and peace all the time? What would it take to impact 1,000 people this month? Questions are essential to expanding your thinking in every way.

You will ask questions in alignment with your vision to renew your mind. You will start to receive ideas to execute and align to your vision.

8. Daily Actions

Having a vision, tuning in to our thinking and asking questions helps you increase your clarity. The final step is aligning your daily actions to your 1 year plan and your legacy. If you don't take action, the one year plan will not come to pass.

Think about what actions you take with this 3 X7 daily approach to line up to your 1 Year Plan and Legacy you want to leave on this planet. You will line up your purpose on this planet. Your moments will create a movement. This 90 day plan and the seven steps to success will help.

Create a Life and Business You Love

These ways to create a life and business you love will transform and inspire you to take action.

Even if you start and complete 1-3 of them, you will see transformation results.

Don't you owe it to yourself to create a life and business you love?

Which of these ways will you start with first?

To learn more about the 90 day plan, visit this post.




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