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How to Create a Community Online with Social Media and Influencer Marketing that Reaches Millions

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Creating a community online is shifting in many ways.

Years ago, if you would have told me I would have a blog, show, and community online, I would have thought you were crazy. Keep in mind, 10 years ago, I worked as a Chief Audit Executive at an Oil & Gas Company, a far cry from where my passion and purpose has taken me.

I never imagined the joy I could experience sharing with social media, content creation and creating a community online.

Yet, when I look back on the 5+ years of my journey with an online & live business in wellness, marketing and travel, digital and influencer marketing, I am blown away. I see how faith and aligned action has led me in creating a community online, as well as 7+ online courses, launching our own influencer marketing platform, running 50+ campaigns, and reaching 700+ million in reach.

At my core, I love freely make friends, share what I love, and create communities online and live. Don't you?

Let's talk about how to Create a Community Online with Social Media and Influencer Marketing that Reaches Millions.

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My Experiences: Communities Online & Influencer Marketing

I understand how easy it is to be unclear on strategy, influencer marketing and pivoting in 2020.

2011: Left corporate (strategy & finance role), barely on social media.

2013: Start sharing my story using Facebook for Wellness. I started my Instagram account.

2014: My business grows 25X with Wellness & Herbalife on Facebook alone. *Disclaimer not typical, but possible

2015: I begin to figure out my style e.g. wellness, travel for the website, and social media.

2016: I set up strategy, structure, and systems, and get training to create online courses. Start exploring influencers for travel, our retreats, and press trips with Cuba & Costa Rica.

2017: Begin online courses and social media automation across FB, IG, & Pinterest set up.

2018: Set up 12 themes for blogs, podcasts, and social media.

2018: Expand influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation (>10,000 influencers + 2500% ROI).

2019: Tying all above to IGTV, videos, lives for launches of courses & events with tips, tools & tech. Launch our own platform, reach 15,000+ influencers, and over 700 million in reach.

I am sharing this so you know I am figuring it out too. No matter where you are with influencer marketing as an influencer or brand, this post will help you with a ton of ideas to implement right away.

You will have clarity on how to take your strategy seamlessly from social media and freebies to online courses, events, and communities

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Create Communities Online Like a Boss

It’s easier now more than ever to be overwhelmed. I want you to know upfront that to begin, you need to start taking action and outlining your steps between 3–5 moves.

I apply that approach daily to my life and business and it does wonders. Be grateful and focus on the action now, while creating for the future. You saw how it took me years to get here.

My hope is this helpful guide will help you increase clarity, results, and your community.


Starting Points for Influencer Marketing

An easy way to create campaigns like a boss that reach millions is to register and set up your profile on influencer marketing platforms.