• Katrina Julia

Don't Ask Google, Ask Fercci & Creator Series

Welcome to our new series Creator’s Creations!

We are sharing highlights from transformation stories and how we are creating FIT Life Creation and the community. In this feature, we are Asking Fercci about her story (instead of asking Google) with Cinthia!

Highlights of Story and Creations:

Being a content creator is NO JOKE. Picking a topic to talk about, creating visual material (photos or graphics), writing about it, curating whatever you create, scheduling when where will post it, it doesn't even end there! But I must say, I love it.

My name is Cinthia, and I'm the owner of Ask Fercci, a space for open discussions where the end goal is finding the truth around controversial topics around health and wellness.

The beginning of Ask Fercci.

I started suffering from acne in my early twenties. Before then, I never experienced issues with my skin, but due to hormonal imbalances (after leaving the pill) and stress, acne found its way to my face.

Since it was not going away after a few months, I started doing research by drowning in beauty blogs and health journals on the internet, desperately seeking answers. I can't even tell you the number of routines and products I tried that didn't help at all despite the great reviews and the excellent comments on the web. With so much fuzz, Who do you believe? Who do you trust?

I decided to visit a dermatologist. That day, I discovered that a considerable chunk of my knowledge was utterly wrong! All the masking, exfoliation, and facials I was doing were useless!

This made me think about how many other things I might have been doing wrong and all the other people going through a similar situation. Myths about wellness and health have been passed through our family, friends, and favorite influencers, and although we usually don't question them since we trust the source, I knew something had to be done about it, so I decided to open my blog.

Your Brand

Marketing 101 - Find a problem and then solve it. I reached out to a few of my friends and asked if they have ever been in my shoes when it came to finding reliable information. To my surprise, ALL of them affirmed!

After that, I knew I had something excellent to work with. Once my problem was identified, I brainstormed a name, a logo, and started working on my website. Nowadays, it's incredibly easy to create your site! I use Wix.com to build and maintain my blog; I still can't believe I designed it myself!

At the same time, I erased all the pictures from my personal Instagram, switched my handle to @AskFercci, and started posting brand-related content daily. At that time, I had 3,000 followers that I've acquired by posting selfies, pictures of nature, and vacation photos.