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Banana Caramel Protein Donuts & Delights: Healthy Like a Boss

Like all of us, you find yourself eating at home more often than ever. How about making food healthy and fun for you and your family? Let's make Banana Caramel Protein Donuts & Delights.

In 2013, when I started getting healthy like a boss, I started transforming my habits. This included everything in life and home that didn't align with goals I wanted. It involves transformation tools like Herbalife Nutrition and 6 Pack Bags I use all the time.

The two most important changes in losing >55 lbs in a year and a half and keeping it off, involved making healthy like a boss delicious, simplifying my meals with nutrients, and batching meal preparation.

*Disclaimer average person who uses Herbalife Nutrition loses .05 to 1 lbs a week with healthy active lifestyle.

Years ago, I used to crave sweets so drinking shakes daily and recipes like Banana Caramel Protein Donuts & Delights keep me from thinking I am missing out even for a second. Once you try these, I know you will agree.

It took 10+ years of failing forward before I finally figured it out. Don't quit.

Banana Caramel Protein Donuts & Delights

The more delicious and healthy you make your food, the easier it is to get and stay healthy like a boss. Why do you want to change your health? Who will you impact by your transformation? Do you have a community to help you get healthier?