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10 Transformation Tools

I often get questions on how do I juggle transformation between all areas of my life?

The key is finding ways to make it simple, find tools to help, and do it with people.


First, ask yourself what is the area of your life that gives you the most pain?

What areas of your life are you avoiding? Do you want your life to change?

Are you willing to take steps? Are you willing to be open to something new?


Now, ask yourself the tough one. This is the one that got me in 2011.

Are YOU doing what is bringing you closer to what you say you want?

Or further away?



These transformation tools will help you explore the possibilities and create change.


To start to transform your health, you will get to set yourself up for success. These are tools I

personally use all the time. They are suggestions to make things simple and easy. The beauty of

this journey is you get to choose for yourself what is best for you. The tools we will cover in health include the first five.

1) Herbalife #1 Global Nutritional Brand

2) 6 Pack Bags

3) Instacart