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  • Katrina Julia

10 Transformation Tools

I often get questions on how do I juggle transformation between all areas of my life?

The key is finding ways to make it simple, find tools to help, and do it with people.


First, ask yourself what is the area of your life that gives you the most pain?

What areas of your life are you avoiding? Do you want your life to change?

Are you willing to take steps? Are you willing to be open to something new?


Now, ask yourself the tough one. This is the one that got me in 2011.

Are YOU doing what is bringing you closer to what you say you want?

Or further away?



These transformation tools will help you explore the possibilities and create change.


To start to transform your health, you will get to set yourself up for success. These are tools I

personally use all the time. They are suggestions to make things simple and easy. The beauty of

this journey is you get to choose for yourself what is best for you. The tools we will cover in health include the first five.

1) Herbalife #1 Global Nutritional Brand

2) 6 Pack Bags

3) Instacart

4) Plate Joy

5) ClassPass!

Let's get healthy!


#1 Herbalife

I first started using Herbalife #1 Global Nutritional Brand in 2013. I never would have thought I would finally fall in love with a product and company and still be using the products today multiple times a day (2017). I have no doubt I will be using these products for the rest of my life, along with my family. Quite literally, FIT Life Creation would not exist if Herbalife would not have found me.

A year into using the products, I gained the clarity to desire to transform my entire consulting

company at the time to wrap it around Herbalife, health, wealth, and business.

As a result, every single experience of FIT Life Creation includes Herbalife. The products for inner and outer nutrition are bar none the best in my opinion. The company

has been around for 35+ years, and in 90 countries with a nobel laureate formulating some of

our products. You may also explore separately at our link "brands" and drop down "Herbalife" at


#2 Six Pack Bags

To start to transform your health, you will get to set yourself up for success. I first started using these amazing meal bags in 2014, and haven't looked back! They include gel packs and are travel friendly (as long as the gel packs are frozen!).

These snazzy meal bags include everything from purses like this one, to backpacks, and everything in between!We include these in our 90 day programs, retreats, and academies. You may also explore at


#3 Instacart

I thought I was dreaming when I first discovered Instacart. It was right before I broke my foot,

and it was a godsend! They have people who deliver groceries from Kroger, Wholefoods, and

more right to your doorstep! Download the free app to shop. Use the code below for a discount. KJULIA13


#4 Platejoy

I first started using Platejoy - Digital Recipes- over a year ago, and recommending them to

clients. They give you the option to customize recipes according to your preferences e.g. vegan, etc As a bonus, enter code "FITLIFECREATION" at checkout if you decide to get it. This will give

you six months free access. >$60 value. We also include this in our monthly programs, memberships, retreats, and academies in case

you want to grow with us. You may also explore separately at our link "brands" and drop down "Platejoy".


#5 ClassPass

The key is to start with where you are, and get excited about each step you take. In this case,

each class you take. From yoga to lifting to dance and everything in between - nationwide and

globally. This is for the fitness enthusiast like me who loves stability (lifting and fasted cardio),

but also thrives on variety and mixing it up! This code will get you $30 off. You may visit "brands" and it will take

you directly to the discount link

We include this as a sneak peak in our programs, retreats, and academies.


Now, onto some of my other favorite tools in money and business!

These will include:

6) Mint

7) Acorn

8) Canva

9) Meistertask

10) LivePlan

Let's make an impact and get wealthy (and give back!)


#6 Mint

This free tool and app for personal finance is incredible. It helps you track real-time your budget linked with your bank account, bills, and more. I've used them since 2011, and reduced spending by over 50%, and implemented smart

spending with how I want to create a life I love.

If you would like to see more on how to's on this, let me know! Share on social media + tag @fitlifecreation @katrinajuliafit!


#7 Acorn

I discovered this incredible tool via Mint. Acorn allows you the possibility to save the cents and dollars on your debit card charges rounded to the nearest dollar. They make it simple and easy. It about a month without even thinking about it, I have saved over $150.

My goal is to save 3-6 months (Dave Ramsey Student). With this tool, and saving 10% every month, I am well on my way.

You will be too with your savings goals!