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Transformation Tools We Love to Jump Start

Updated: May 14, 2019

We give insight into Transformation Tools we love creating with + FIT Life Creation!

We will be doing this feature now regularly so stay tuned!

This post is inspired by the creators, dreamers, transformers, and tools that have helps us transform!

We want to express gratitude for all the ways they serve in the world + transform + inspire + create what they love!

This is our first feature of many to come with Tools!

Without Herbalife Nutrition finding me, helping me lose over 55 lbs, competing in bikini shows with Team Edge, community with Garrain Jones and Herbaheroes of unconditional love, sharing my story on social media (25X results in Y1 on Facebook),

getting clear on passion + purpose, creating a vision for my life and FIT Life Creation, this company, blog, podcast, experiences, or community would not exist.

Disclaimer: avg person loses .5 to 1 lb a week with healthy active lifestyle. Results not typical. #imnotaverage and #neitherareyou


Herbalife is in over 90 countries, in existence for over 35 years, #1 Meal Replacement in the World, Hair + Skin Care Line, Athletic Line (we have over 200 triathletes) (I also did Olympic Distance), Nobel Lauraeute on our board, Michael O Johnson (former executive from Disney) included, Jim Rohn Personal Development Guru - avid advocate of Herbalife and more.

The business opportunity also includes options to integrate into what you already do e.g. entrepreneur, blog, part-time and ranges from 1 stream of income to 7 helping people get happy and healthy.

Yes, some people like in any other industry (hello we live in the world), may choose to misrepresent the level of effort to lose weight or build a business, or not act in full integrity. I had this experience with another MLM in college.

However, I still recognized that like any other business (and over 7 industries I have personally served in), there are benefits, opportunities, create community, and rewards


In each and every one of our experiences with FIT Life Creation,

we include Herbalife as a pivotal health tool.

(so could you!)

Freebies - Free Meal, Supplement, and Workout Plan via Meal Plan + Wellness Profile

7 Day Challenge -Mini Transformation Pack as one of many bonuses

Monthly Mastermind - Creation Club - monthly we include focus on one of our 12 themes + variety pack with Herbalife + many other bonuses e.g. TailWind and more!

Online Courses - How to Create and Launch Online Course in a Week includes 1 Month in Mastermind as bonus and all bonuses mentioned above!

In a Day Series - Social Media, Blog, Website, Video and Course (5 Week Course) includes 3 months in mastermind + 3 mini variety packs with Herbalife + bonuses!

Money Maker - Overview, Mindset, Path, Momentum, Crazy Cash (5 Week Course) includes 3 months in mastermind + 3 mini variety packs with Herbalife + bonuses!

How to Build Your Brand with Influencers + Get Results - Overview, Finding, Platforms, Metrics, Campaigns - (5 Week Course) includes 3 months in mastermind + 3 mini variety packs with Herbalife + bonuses!

Coming Soon -

How to Create + Launch Retreats (in <3 months)

How to Build an Influencer Brand in 90 Days or Less (or Annual Option) (in <6 months) with extensive bonuses + packs!


Workshops include hands on experiences with health, wealth, and biz and sampling with Herbalife Nutrition and countless money + business + tech tools! Also, includes integrated online experiences after event + packs + bonuses!

We include a transform + travel hands on experiences with health, wealth, and biz at private villas with community service and workshops and sampling with Herbalife Nutrition and countless money + business + tech tools! Also, includes integrated online experiences after event + packs + bonuses!

With our brand, influencer, and fundraiser experiences, we include all the tips, tools and technology integrated in every experience whether workshop or speaking.

I absolutely love 6 Pack Bags! I first learned about them via our Team Edge and Ingrid Romero since 2011. I have since personally had five. Yes 5. The Renee Tote in Red, the small duffle, the big back pack, Renee Tote in Purple, and now second back pack.

You may have seen them in many of my pictures, but didn't realize they were meal bags. Most people don't! I always travel with them everywhere I go!

They help make it so simple!

Here is a mini one!

In all of our courses over 3 months, and our retreats our community gets a mini bag!*

Will depend on what is available on mini's then! All of our Costa Rica attendees got this one in black which holds 3 meals!

InstaCart is awesome! I first discovered them when I broke my foot surfing in 2016

(short story first surfing lesson got up - water was super shallow - froze - board crashed into shore - I flew backward - broke Fibula - thank god no surgery - yes I am going surfing again!)

If you have been around for awhile, you know I love to lift and also do bikini fitness bodybuilding shows annually. I also love to do yoga, dance, and meditation among others!

ClassPass is an awesome option to add in variety! I have now taken over 150 classes in various varieties and cities and countries! They are an app that fuses all the boutique fitness experiences and you may select, and modify when you travel too!

I've taken classes in Atlanta, Houston, Miami to name a few! They are also global! Great for my fellow travelers, travel bloggers, press trip'ers!

Mint is an incredible tool to help you transform your wealth starting with spending. When I first got on this tool in 2011, I decreased spending over $1,500 a month.

You don't know what you don't know or aren't aware of.

What gets measured, gets managed.

Oh, and it is FREE.

I've now used Tailwind, which is  an amazing automation and scheduling tool for Pinterest to increase traffic exponentially - often as high as 33,000 per month just from this source alone!

We also recently featured Melissa, Community Manager with TailWind on our blog and podcast twice if you want to tune in!

Here is a free month if you haven't experienced it before!

We also include special bonus courses with TailWind in our monthly mastermind: Creation Club: in Month 2 on Instagram and Pinterest to help you get Smart with Social!

I've used this incredible tool to get brands funding + generate millions in new money + results since 2006! It is incredible!!

It is incredible for creating a vision, business plan, investors, acquisitions, marketing plans and more!

We also do hands on activities at our multi-day events, retreats, and academies with LivePlan tools!

Want to create a community?

Each and every course includes our mastermind that includes health, wealth, and biz with tips, tools and tech!

Think Amazon Meets Airbnb for Transformation with an Influencer Marketing + Fundraising Twist!

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