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7 Ways to Market and Monetize Your Business Online and in the Real World

Starting points, platforms, content creation, and more

Let’s talk. I don’t know about you, but I am all about tangible tips, tools, and technology to help you take action and get results now in marketing and monetizing your business.

I’m completely over college classes in textbooks and theory and no-real-world application. Oh yes, and I am over meetings in corporate America in some companies that accomplish nothing.

How about a hands-on session that you may read over and have multiple windows open at the same time to apply what I share here now? After all, haven’t we heard that applied knowledge is power? Isn’t it time we all practice what we preach?

So, let’s jump-start transformation, shall we? I recommend you set aside about 15-minute increments per area, or about two hours straight, so you take action on every item here.

It’s time to show up like a boss, entrepreneur.

Originally published via Better Marketing

Shot on my Canon EOS M100 in Mexico


7 Ways to Market and Monetize

It’s time to simplify and amplify marketing and monetizing your business online and live. You may be the best writer, online educator, and speaker. But if no one knows about you, how will you make money?

Many of us did not grow up with entrepreneurs so we get to shift our mindsets and equate being seen with service. It’s time to shine. With experience in more than seven industries in corporate prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur in 2011, I transform daily in this area, too. I am right here with you.

In today’s online-saturated world, you either have to learn how to stand out or work with someone in the press that helps you stand out among the noise as an authentic, credible, and relatable expert.

Starting Points

Since we are on Medium, let’s talk about Medium. It’s not dead at all. I see people left and right breaking barriers here on Medium.

Since I have the tenacity of a pit bull (I was compared to a pit bull one time in a boardroom), I’ve kept going with Medium for over a year before finally feeling like I am growing rapidly.

Here’s an easy way to start growing on Medium:

  1. Post on your own profile and publication three or more times a week.

  2. Engage with the community on Medium itself, e.g., following, commenting, sharing.

  3. Join Medium-related Facebook groups.

  4. Share your posts from Medium off the platform, e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletter, media page.

  5. Apply to be a contributor to aligned publications like Better Marketing.

Shot via Travel & Adventure Show in Atlanta

Pro tips:

  • Go big or go home. In less than a month, I applied and got approved to Better Marketing, Publishous, Ascent, and Post Grad Survival Guide.

  • Be a grown-up. Read what is on their About page and care about what they care about. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without knowing the company, would you? #biggestpetpeeve

  • Writing isn’t always so easy to get approved. Niklas is great here on Better Marketing, so I contribute here most often so far. Go apply now.


Shot in Holbox Island on my Canon EOS M100

Create or Grow Your Own Podcast

We all start in the first episode. Shocker, I know. Create it now. I use Podbean, which is amazing and links to iTunes easily. From creating over 200+ episodes — and linking to Stitcher, iHeartRadio and more — I’ve learned a ton.

Some of what I’ve learned is:

  • Create themes for your episodes, e.g., wellness, business, marketing.

  • Feature guests sooner rather than later.

  • Do voice-overs on features like this post.

  • Create a series. Netflix, move over. Entrepreneurship is the new hot show.

Pro tips:

  • Create a related series that creates momentum and helps you monetize.

  • For example, I am currently in a travel series with over seven episodes. I am connecting it with our live events and retreats.

  • Another example is our upcoming series on social media and influencer marketing. I will be integrating more than three features from Better Marketing with a voice-over and backlinks.

  • Everyone wins with backlinks and increased domain authority — keeps people coming back for more.


Join FB Groups and Contribute Regularly

I first started joining aligned FB groups in October 2019. I wish I’d done it sooner. It’s a great way to share who you are and what you offer, and to create a community.

Organically, this leads you to your growth on platforms like Medium, social media, and regular client leads.

For example, I focus on wellness, marketing, business online, and live and agency components. As a result, the Facebook groups I’m involved in include four Medium groups, Press Trip Club, Influencers on Instagram, and Airbnb. Some other amazing ones are Female Digital Nomads.

Free Facebook groups are great. However, if you’re part of paid communities in Masterminds, another perk is the Facebook community as well. I am also part of Boss Babe, and we get to share regularly about what we are focused on.

I regularly get a minimum of $15,000 to $30,000 weekly in proposals from this avenue alone. I also regularly post collaborations like features, launches for online courses, and influencer management.

* These have decreased during COVID increasing my focus on media, wellness, marketing and business on our platform & new online initiatives like online workshops & summits & virtual travel.

Pro tips: