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Traveling the Globe at the Travel & Adventure Show

You didn't think it was possible to travel the globe from one place, did you? I didn't either until I came across the Travel & Adventure Show. You have the chance to explore global travel destinations, meet celebrity travelers like Samantha Brown and Josh Gates, and connect with media partners with travel bureaus from all around the world in one place.

Although the show has been running for over 15 years, I just learned about it. As soon as I saw they were going to be here in Atlanta this year, I knew I was going. I took a leap of faith and reached out to be a media contact, and got an e-mail from the press team almost immediately.

You may love travel like I do or attend personal development and conferences too. It's easy to catch the travel bug or grow up with it as I did. My love of travel started before I was even born. I include travel in some way, shape or form in almost everything I do.

Sometimes this includes a media experience like with the travel show, other times hands-on transformational retreats, and staycations too. When I saw all the Travel & Adventure Show has to offer, I started mapping out my adventures right away.

My day with the Travel & Adventure Show in Atlanta blew me away with the keynotes, exhibitors and media opportunities. Trust me, this is a show you want to travel to whether you are a traveler, retreat leader, or media provider.

Travel & Adventure Show

Highlights of the Show

From the second I arrived, I felt grateful to be there. As media, we received a preview of the show and exhibitors. If you didn't know, the Travel & Adventure Show the #1 Series of Travel Shows in the US is going into its 15th year in 2020 with >84 events connecting over 1.75 million travel lovers and >4,000 travel-related brands. John Golicz, the CEO and his team are hosting coast to coast in Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Dallas in 2020.

2021 cities and dates are released as well including San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. You may explore thousands of destinations around the world, meet one on one with travel experts, and learn from celebrity travelers like Samantha Brown, Josh Gates, and more!

Media Preview Tour

As we arrived, we connected with the media team for our tour. Our first stop was with AAA followed by a stop with U.S. Customs. You may even get your passport application set up! After that, we stopped by MiamiLand, and additional sponsor stops.

Here are some sneak peeks!

Miami Land Experience

I love Miami and have visited several times most recently in January of 2019. I loved the interactive photo experience they set up. Who doesn't love fun experiences? I know I do!

I have traveled to 27+ countries already with a goal of 100+ including a trip to all 7 continents in 2021-2022. After my stop at Miami Land, I went by Turkish Airlines (one of my favorites).

Turkish Airlines

I don't know about you, but I love Turkish Airlines and have flown them several times overseas. I stopped to talk to them and their media team.

Polish National Tourist Office

If you didn't know, I was born in Poland and I am half Polish so of course, I stopped by the Polish bureau. I have visited Poland more times than I may count. I loved connecting with Elzbieta and getting to speak Polish, and share with others how amazing Poland is.