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3 Tips to Create Retreats & Experiences Feature with Jen of We Travel

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Jen Corley is the Director of Development for We Travel, which is a registration and payment platform for retreats.

Not only that, but she is an incredible life Mom within the last year, and today is her son's first Halloween and the costume she's been sharing is amazing.

She is multi-passionate, a wife, a mom, and a Development Director at We Travel since the beginning of the start-up. She graduated from both Harvard University and Stanford, receiving her Bachelor's from Harvard and her Masters from Stanford.

Her incredible experiences range from investment firms to yoga alliances, and now being at we travel for several years. We are talking about three tips on creating retreats and experiences in today's episode. Super excited to share from Jen's episode on the podcast.

3 Tips to Create Retreats with Jen and We Travel
3 Tips to Create Retreats with Jen and We Travel


Jen's Story Highlights from Early Years Harvard & Stanford Experiences Yoga Teacher Training Private Equity Firm Experience Leaps of Faith to Graduate School Living in Morocco

We Travel Highlights

I found we travel which kind of combined my love of travel of yoga. I think that last count we are 34 people, but it's 17 different nationalities, 14 different languages booked on the team, and we've lived in 31 countries.

So it just really seemed like the right place for me to land professionally that would allow me to sort of combining my background, skills with everything that spoke to me in terms of my passions and interests.

I joined in 2016 when we were really small and things have just exploded since then. It's been like a crazy wild ride but lots of fun."

8:40 time stamp on episode Insights into early influences and childhood "I love travel from when I was young, particular was interested in the Middle East. I had a really good friend growing up, who is her parents emigrated from Iran. I had early exposure to Persian language, and later Arabic.

I always had this like wanderlust and this like, want to explore the unknown, and to learn about other cultures intimately. That all was present from a you