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14 Day Challenge: Unleash Inspiration: Day 2

Years ago, I started to feel disoriented, misaligned, and frustrated. If you are feeling these feelings, you are not alone . Not only is our world in a state we have never experienced, your world is too.

It is important to realize we have and will overcome challenges in humanity. At the same, we are human.

It is more important than ever to extend compassion towards ourselves, and others. Take this time you have to awaken and address what may be tugging at your year. In 2011-2013, I began to realize I did not live out my passion and purpose daily. Perhaps, that is how you are feeling now too.

Unleashing who you are and how you may impact others is not easy. It requires a vulnerability many of us did not grow up and are uncomfortable with. To grow, we must grow. As we help and love ourselves deeply, so we are able to help others unleash and transform their purpose.

In the 14 Day Challenge, Day 1, I shared how transformation is required to create a life and business you love. I have no idea what you are walking through in this moment in time. I do know you have a choice to choose joy, love and patience. You have a choice to be and do your part.

In the 14 Day Challenge, you will experience 12 themes to create a life and business you love in wellness, faith, marketing, money, business and travel. Whether you create with our community on the blog, podcast, and/or in the 14 Day Challenge sneak peek to our monthly mastermind, Creation Club, you will experience transformation like never before.

On Day 2 of the 14 Day Challenge, you will unleash inspiration in your life. You are here to create, transform and inspire. Let's unleash inspiration in your life.

Leo Parias - Costa Rica

Unleash Inspiration

Choosing to unleash inspiration with your passion, purpose, people and profits is a journey. As I result, on Day 2 of the 14 Day Challenge, I will sharing my framework to help you. I personally started focusing on aligning passion and purpose in 2016. It has changed so many aspects of my life.

As you unleash inspiration, you will inspire yourself and others in ways you never imagined. When you complete each section for today to unleash inspiration, stop and celebrate, go share with someone, and share with us on social @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation.

Keep in mind, whether it is in our content, courses and/or events, I repeat themes and a new approach every 12 weeks in Creation Club Mastermind. As we grow, we hear and learn new things.

Unleashing inspiration is about becoming all you are created to be fully alive.


What You Love

Many of us have tuned in to others voices for so long, we forgot to tune in to our own. When is the last time you asked yourself what you love and did it? How about living your entire life aligned to passion and purpose?

I am sure you would imagine it is a completely different life if you and we all followed that approach along with ways we serve.

I love God. I love aligning to passion, purpose, people and profits. I love family. I love health and Herbalife. I love the ocean and nature. I love silence. I love community with like-minded people. I love learning and new experiences. I love traveling the world and experiencing culture, languages, history and food.

With my own transformation from the inside out, the more I reflected on passion, the more I wanted to transform and inspire. Isn't that the same for all of us?


How Passion + Purpose = Profits Series

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14 Day Challenge

Sneak Peek to Mastermind

Credit: John with Airbnb Experiences Houston

What You Overcome

None of us is immune to harm, pain, and tragedy in this life. There is not a person on the planet who escapes alive. We each have a choice to turn to pain, negativity, and unforgiveness or to turn to turning pain to purpose.

When you turn pain to purpose, you are choosing power over pain. It is a choice to help others walk from pain to purpose.

What have you overcome?

How could you serve others?

Where did you feel pain?

Who could you serve

I don't know your story, or what you have walked through. I do know what it feels like to live in pain and choose to do so. I don't know about you, but I am done with that. I choose love, joy, peace, and purpose. No matter the price, I choose to turn pain to purpose for people on the planet.


How Passion + Purpose = Profits pt 1 & 2

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14 Day Challenge

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People and Profits

The more you align with who you are and your passion and purpose, people will align, It is a completely different feeling and way to live when you are surrounded by people and the planet focused on purpose and potential.

Imagine yourself creating what you love and transforming and inspiring. Picture a community of people creating what they love. Now, picture your profits aligning to passion and purpose and people fully.

How could you use the circumstance and time you have now to unleash inspiration?


14 Day Challenge

Sneak Peek to Mastermind

In a Day Sneak Peak

Photo Credit: Photos by Brock

Unleashing Inspiration

When you make a decision to unleash inspiration and never quit, you will change your life and the lives of those around you.

What area spoke to you to focus on, and what actions will you take now?

Take the actions to walk towards unleashing inspiration.

Fall in love with who you get to become and the journey.

My 12 Steps to Lifestyle Transformation will help you dive deeper.

Stay excited because the next area is clutter to clarity.

Create. Transform. Inspire.

You Were Born to.



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