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One Day In Porto, Portugal: Itinerary to Transform and Travel with Gabby

Guest Post by Gabby Boucher with Budget Travel with Gabby

Porto is a gorgeous city in northern Portugal. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get as much attention as

the capital city of Lisbon. But for those who do venture to Porto, they are sure to become

captivated by the city’s charm.

For those who want to transform and travel, Porto has lots to offer. It has all the best elements

of a big city: nightlife, architecture, historical monuments, and more. But it also has opportunities

for learning and growing.

You can take a port wine tour, practice learning Portuguese, or watch a local live music

performance. These activities will help you dive into the culture and expand your knowledge of


This One Day in Porto, Portugal Itinerary to Transform and Travel will list some of the best things

to do in Porto. Even in just one day, you can really experience the culture and make some

unforgettable memories.

Douro River in Portugal

Photo Credit: Gabby Boucher

My Experiences With Porto, Portugal

My name is Gabby Boucher, and I am super passionate about budget travel. In order to save

money while traveling, I often work in exchange for free accommodation abroad.

A few years ago, I stayed in Porto for one month doing a work exchange at Nice Way Hostel. I

worked 24 hours per week, usually in the kitchen and sometimes in housekeeping or reception.

In exchange for my work, I lived in a staff dorm room with other volunteers.

Nice Way Hostel is located right in downtown Porto, so I had lots of time for exploring the city on

my days off. All the full-time staff at the hostel were locals, so they helped show me around and introduce me to the best things to do. It was very cool to get a local’s perspective of Porto, while also doing the touristy things.

So after spending one month living and working in Porto, it has become one of my favorite

cities. To help other travelers plan their trip there, I’ve compiled some of my favorite parts of the

city into a one day itinerary.

I hope this article inspires others to visit Porto, Portugal!

Porto, Portugal Sunset

Photo Credit: Gabby Boucher

Fun Facts About Porto, Portugal

The country of Portugal is actually named after Porto! Back in Medieval times, northern Portugal

was called “Condado Portucalense”. Over time that inspired the name for the entire country of


So many people think Lisbon is the best city in Portugal. Lisbon is amazing, but I just love Porto.

It has so much history and culture, and it’s not as crowded with tourists.

Another fun fact about Porto is that Port Wine can only be made here. Port Wine, a sweet,

fortified dessert wine, is exported all over the world and it is quite famous.

But the specific grapes for Port Wine only grow in the Douro Valley of northern Portugal. Port

Wine is aged in Vila Nova de Gaia, the village right across the river from Porto.

So if you love sweet wine, Porto is the best place to go for a tour!

One Day in Porto, Portugal: Itinerary to Transform and Travel

Now, I’ll list the absolute best things to do in Porto in one day. Though one day is quite short, it

is still enough time to experience the wonders of this charming Portuguese city.

Photo Credit: Gabby Boucher

Douro River in Porto, Portugal

Photo Credit: Gabby Boucher