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Love is the Color: Racism, Reflections and Resources in 2020

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Love is the Color, and Love Sees No Color is what I believe to my core. My heart hurts as I open my eyes to what continues to go on in the USA and in the world to our black brothers and sisters.

As Will Smith said in 2016, "Racism isn't getting worse, it's getting filmed".

While blatant acts of dehumanization and racism are happening, we now have the ability and power to film what's happening and share on social media to millions. When I look back 10 and 20 years we didn't have the access to do so for free like we do now. This alone gives everyone a voice.

Black lives matter. Period. Some may scoff and say, all lives matter. I don't. I say Black Lives Matter because as long as we allow racism to continue, all lives don't matter. Have you read about the history of black lives?

That your friends grandmother or grandfather or great grand parents were not even allowed to vote, use the same bathrooms or doors as whites, or were beaten or killed as slaves owned by another person? That it was a fight for freedom at every turn, and that fight continues today?

Have you opened your eyes and hearts to what black lives have suffered? Now, like Matthew McConaughy said in Time to Kill, now imagine she/he is white.

For years, I haven't watched the news, but I keep a pulse through social media, Google, and/or will read or listen to sources I trust who are focused on love, mercy, grace, and justice. When George Floyd was killed, I felt compelled by God to watch the video.

To imagine what happened to George as a representation of a close friend, brother, sister, father, husband. I bawled like a baby when I watched the video. I shook uncontrollably as I watched the horror unfold as he pleaded for his life with his last breath in 2020. An anger rose up inside me as I watched the indifference, disconnection, and inhumanity on the officer's face. Normally, I wouldn't have watched it.

I felt like God wanted me to see, feel, and stand with black lives in unity. I feel more than ever the awareness and action each of us takes to educate ourselves, have the conversations, and face the atrocity and evil that has continued for generations is of the utmost importance. In a day and age where we have access online to reach millions of people in seconds, inspiring for positive change with our voice, influence and platforms is essential.

Love is the Color: Racism, Reflections and Resources in 2020, I am sharing reflections in my own journey, racism history, and resources to increase awareness and action. My challenge for myself, you, and this platform is will we be proud of our thoughts, words, and actions during our lifetime?