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Best of 2019: Year & Decade in Review

Can you believe it's 2020? Is your mind blown that a year and a decade has ended? Are you reflecting, celebrating and adjusting for the new year and the next decade? It's that time of the year filled with New Year Resolutions. A challenge to you is to look back on the last year and the last decade so that you celebrate and adjust for this year and the decade.

When I started regularly reflecting on each year, everything started changing. In 2015, I began to look back with an intention to celebrate and reflect. As I reflected, I learned to improve my life each and every year. In 2018, I implemented regularly looking at how aligned my actions are weekly. I created a 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success practice.

Months before 2019 ended, I started reflecting on the last decade with reflection and celebration in mind. My intention and prayer involves a focus on freedom in every area of life, as well as a firm foundation to begin 2020 and a new decade. Did you do anything like that in 2010? Has anyone around you ever done that or taught you do that? Me neither.

At the same time, I realized how powerful this one exercise is to set up each year, decade, and our lives for success. If you combine reflection and celebration with vision each year, you are passionately and purposefully pursuing potential.

Every year since 2017, I started a practice of choosing a word to represent the year. In 2019, my word was freedom. The tests and trials in my life were not easy at all. My mindset, feelings and actions were challenged at every level and turn. At the same time, I wouldn't change any of it. I am proud of who I am growing into.

I feel more aligned to passion, purpose, people and profits than ever. The presence and vibrancy in my life is explosive. The habits and discipline in each area of my life blow me away. The biggest lesson I've learned in looking back the last decade is that transformation is required to create a life and business I love.

You and I may overestimate what we may do in a year, and underestimate what may happen in 10 years. Although I experienced turbulence the last 10 years, I am proud of the transformation of walking from fear to faith, devaluing to purity, self hate to love, corporate to calling and bondage to freedom.

As I reflect on Best of 2019: Year & Decade in Review, I am embracing the woman I am becoming. A woman who is faithful, aligned, passionate and purposeful. A woman who is not only creating a life and business she loves with expression, time, location and leading to financial freedom. But someone who is helping creators create what they love too.

How did you grow in 2019? What transformation happened in the last decade? Where do you want to transform your life?

How did you grow in your life in 2019? What do you want to create and experience this year and in the next decade? Are you taking action? Have you reflected on your personal, life and business growth? What do you want to transform?

How did or could you impact others? Where did you travel or want to travel to? Each and everyone of us has the power to create, transform and inspire. It takes self awareness, reflection, and action to transform. That's how I have walked through my own personal transformation and continuing to and how you can too.

The more aware you are of your own mindset, feelings and actions, the easier it is to create the transformation you want within your community as well.

You will love these reflections of a Year & Decade in Review.

Best of 2019

Whether you are in Corporate, working a 9-5, or an entrepreneur, it's important to reflect on what you are grateful for in your life. As I started changing habits years ago, I realized how not celebrating impacted me. I recognized I focused so much on the next goal or accomplishment, that I failed to be content and celebrate along the way.

It is important to celebrate each step of the way. In each moment, we have a choice to turn pain into purpose, be present, and shift our perspective. A lot of 2019 did not go how I prayed or envisioned it would. At the same time, I have a lot to be grateful for. There are infinite things to be joyful about.

I put together a list of Best of 2019 both personally via social media, as well as this graphic for our community. I'll integrate both perspectives as I share.

I started doing a #bestof end of year posts the end of 2018, and kept them in my Instagram highlights. I did the same for #bestof2019 from a different perspective. In 2018, I aligned the posts to our 12 themes to #createit a life and business you love (themes like #jumpstart #smartsocial #moneymaker that are in our monthly mastermind.

This year, I decided to focus on faith, wellness, lifestyle and media. In addition, the recap for the community below in seven key areas from people to community impact.

Create in spite of circumstances, chaos & community 💗

One of my biggest revelations of 2019 included creating in spite of circumstances, chaos and community.

As I look back this year, so much alignment happened in Faith with health, wealth & business in spite of. In spite of crazy circumstances, chaos, and community not here yet, I chose to create.

As I reflect on ways I & we @fitlifecreation @herbalife #jumpstart #transformation what I am most grateful about is

Faith: A closer & more connected relationship with God & a firm foundation. This year is the first year I read the Bible straight through. Now on the second & in Jeremiah. The peace I have now 95% of the time & growing is priceless. I loved @pcc_thegrove & @wearetransformation blessed me beyond esp #crazyfaithseries #crazyfaith

Wellness: My wellness & countless ways I jumpstart my own & stayed consistent & our community. From being in a challenge myself ALL YEAR to biking in Mexico, running in Bulgaria & more! I loved attending @herbalife @atlantasts events and global!! I missed 1 for being super sick & one out of the country.

Media: I love how I and we jump started our community on multiple influencer, podcast, & media platforms. The growth is amazing with over 300 mm in reach (more coming in an upcoming post). I loved starting #igtvchannel and videos on #unboxing #herbalifenutrition & #igtvseries. I loved partnering with brands in travel, media, lifestyle & wellness! @thrive @airbnb @airbnbexperiences started this year! I loved publishing books on @amazon. I loved hosting our events & retreats @discoveratlanta & more

Lifestyle: I love how my word this year divinely downloaded is Freedom & 2020 = Joy. I love how I grew in freedom of expression, time, community, location & finances. I loved traveling to @visitcolorado @visitneworleans @visitmiamiflorida @visitmexico @holboxtourism @airbnbadventures @southwestair @bulgariaofficial

Unleash ALL of YOU to be FREE

From the second 2019 started, my word for the year “Freedom resonated at each and every step.

My year started with watching Made @msrachelhollis in theaters and going to a vision board workshop 💗

Freedom for me is freedom in all forms (expression, time, location, community & financial) I am reminded often of Gal 5:1

Faith: I experienced so many miracle moments. From butterfly’s on my finger divinely waiting for me to vision board workshops with clarity like I’ve never had before. The culmination of the God Given vision given to me in 2011-2015 coming into clear focus.


Attending @herbalife extravaganza to personal development events regularly like seminars with @jillianmichaels @iyanlavanzant & @therealsuzeorman & @discoveratlanta @suzanneadamsinc @soundembracehealth to sky diving indoors @iflyus

This added with staying physically fit and in challenges and eating healthy and on @herbalife had me feeling 💯

Media/Business: wow wow wow! Creating & launching our freebies @fitlifecreation mastermind & courses like “How to Create & Launch an Online Course in a week (that includes a month in mastermind & transformation tools with @herbalife @classpass @kajabi & more! 15,000 + in our community & 300 million in reach with our influencers has me like wow!

I recorded over 100 episodes on our podcast including guests! And released our Create IT journal and more books!

The set up for 2020 is 🔥

Lifestyle/Travel Flying unexpectedly to Miami this year and Colorado in January was amazing and set my creative juices on fire!

Then ending the year with a December to remember with Mexico and Bulgaria 🔥and so much freedom & growth in each area of life!

I literally grew exponentially in every area as a person & creator & community 💗

If you didn’t know, you are literally new every year cellularly.

How are you creating you? What pieces of are you unleashing?

Increasing Confidence & Clarity as an Entrepreneur

@herbalife tea in my cup!) & #sneakpeek to #onlinecourse #mastermind content filmed in Mexico this month

3 Tips to Increase Clarity & Confidence

1) Write down your vision. For the year. For your life legacy. Start writing regularly. Record it. Listen to it. Consistently. Re-record it.

2) Make a 90 day plan that includes aligned faith & feeling & focus in each area of your life (check out our #14daychallenge & #90dayplan

3) Take action daily. Track your steps & time you take. Simplify & scale. I use a time tracker & focus matrix app. I set a minimum now of 7 completed actions daily in media, online & live events & brand proposals. I track results to gauge where I may simplify, shift and or scale.

The more you take aligned action, the more insight you have if what you are creating is what you love. Years ago, I had a vision for creating lifestyle & mastermind content like I do now. I started writing down everything.

A lot of what I am living in now, I once wrote down. By taking action, I learned where and how to get clearer and continue to.

Above all else, never ever stop having faith & never quit.

Hebrews 11:1 💗Faith is the substance of things hoped for & the evidence of things unseen.

Tag someone that needs to see this as we wrap up #bestof2019

Who else has all the feels with 2020 #2020vision

Transformation Takes Time

We often overestimate what we can do in a short amount of time eg day, week, month, year and

Underestimate what we can do in 3, 5,7, 10 years or a lifetime. As I reflect on 2019, a year of freedom:

1) I got closer to God than ever (now on second time through the Bible & daily prayer)

2) Stayed healthy & daily @herbalife & on average worked out 5 + days a week. Ready for a show in 2020 @teamedge1 and leveling up.

3) Learned how to be & stay peaceful & joyful & present at the same time whole creating a life, business and future I love. Spent time with family this year during Christmas all of us in one place first time in 20 years!

4) Created over 700 posts, over 150 blog posts, over 150 podcasts, and over 500 videos for content & our courses with our community @fitlifecreation @herbalife

5) Hosted incredible guests and created community via our freebie, podcast, courses & events like @easylivingtoday @lighttravelsfaster @kajabi and more

6) Got featured on @thrive @airbnb @theplugbyxomad @risingtidesociety today! On goal setting!

7) Created community of over 300 million in reach on our own influencer marketing campaign & numerous platforms like @perlusocial @theplugbyxomad @bloglovin and more! Results included over 2500 % return on investment & features in our all in 1 lifestyle brand

8) Traveled to @visitcolorado @visitmexico @visitflorida @visitneworleans @bulgariaofficial & crossed off items off my bucket list including a trip hosted @airbnbadventures this shot #airbnbpartner

9) Reflected massively on a #decadeinreview with growth of fear to faith, devaluing to purity, self hate to love, corporate to calling, bondage to freedom.

10) Grateful for clarity on vision, passion, purpose, people, and potential. I know the plans God has for me - plans to give me hope and a future. Jer 29:11

I know it isn’t always easy. I know it helps me grow & get perspective & relate & have deep compassion on mindset, health, wealth, business & travel.

And as I and we enter a new decade and year #2020vision I trust in God fully for love, joy, freedom, dreams & desires, and timing.

And always being & doing my part💗

Blessings on your #2020goals

Backed by Belief

One thing I’m impressed by Is who you are, how you act, and what you do to go all in on creating the life & business you love when

You aren’t getting the external results, recognition and gain you want.

You get to delay gratification

You get to show up until

You get to practice patience

You get to refine character further

You get to fight for faith and freedom

And walk the talk to help community

Some of the ways I walked in faith massively in 2019 setting up 2020 and beyond

Transforming massively from inside & out in many ways.

1) Waking up 4:30 am constantly since July

2) Being in over 5 communities & contributing constantly

3) Setting up over 100 episodes on the podcast and blog posts

4) Creating community and influencer marketing platforms & campaigns and reaching over 300 million in reach. Next $$$ results

5) Submitting over $10,000,000 in proposals for wellness, media, lifestyle & travel.

Trusting it’s all here now.

Yet still in circumstances of chaos, debt and borrowing and support from incredible family & support.

Knowing. Knowing. Knowing. The bigger the set up and struggle the bigger the test the bigger the mess,

The bigger the testimony, message, and Glory for God.

Use me God.

Shot at Guadalupe church with ocean and limitless view

What if Money Does Grow on Trees?

How to Make & Manage Money Like a Boss

Like many of us, I’ve had quite a relationship or journey with money.

From the cultural sayings to realizing the Bible talks more about money than anything else to shifting my faith, feelings and focus around money.

I challenge you today and every day to tune in to what you believe about money, how you feel about money, what you speak about it.

You’ll be amazed at the 🗑 in your mind. As I reflected massively in 2019 on “freedom” a ton of this came up.

The verse Deut 8:18 & the power we have to create wealth was planted in me. The inheritance we have. The tests before the testimony.

The choice to see the abundance and opportunities and gifts within me and all around me.

Wealth is an inside job. There are countless times in the past where I reached 6-8 figure results for my self and others. Yet, when I reached six figures received for me I made and lost it why because of so many false beliefs.

So many ways I made other things my Gods vs God himself. Knowing I am enough. That I am worthy. That I am called.

That money is a vehicle to walk in passion, purpose, serve people. That money grants even more options. That money may sometimes make me or us lazy for an easy solution vs thinking outside the 📦 That to be free, I first had to set myself free mentally from bondage to walk in freedom. Gal 5:1. Romans 12:2. That I get to choose to allow nothing external define or stop me.

Say it with me I am free I am joy I am faith I am limitless I am gifted I am abundant I am blessed I am favored I am prosperous I am a wise steward I am trustworthy I am tithing I am giving I am redeemed I am renewed

And some money statements I repeat daily over last 6+ months

Money is all around me Money comes to me all the time I am debt free I am a wise steward I am grateful for that blessing (bill) There’s more money where that came from I am helping others create a life & business I love & making money

6 pack of abs? let’s set up our 6 pack of wealth too!

More on the blog, podcast and our #creationclub @fitlifecreation #14daychallenge: health, wealth & biz

Let’s create a #2020vision to create freedom in all forms I& #financialfreedom

Community Recap

I wanted to share insights from a personal perspective so you could see what led to these results. I am proud of. who I grew into this year and decade. I am excited about what is coming with the vision, purpose and alignment.

Many of my goals for 2020 you will see for the community are similar to what they were at the end of 2018. While we experienced results, they were nowhere near what I aimed at. I realized that I got to and get to increase my faith exponentially and take 10x, 100x, infinityx the action to get to where I am and we are going.

That's why my faith and action grew exponentially in 2019. I kept asking "how bad do you really want it" and leveling up. Think about your own mindset, feelings and action as you reflect on 2019, and the last decade.

A Year and Decade in Review

The best of 2019 is that you learned and thrived. Perhaps, you didn't thrive in all the ways you wanted to. Celebrate each and every moment of being alive. Be grateful for the positive transformation you did make. Choose to level up so that you create a life and business you love.

Choose again for 2020. Own your power to make the next year and decade mind-blowing with how you create a life and business you love. I would love to see and hear your #bestof2019 and #2020vision.

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