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7 Influencer Tools to Build Your Brand

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

There are many ways to build your brand. Face to face, social media and podcasts work. Meetings, workshops, and retreats work. It all works when we do. Perhaps, you are doing some of these ways to build your brand. You may even be doing all of them.

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about influencer marketing. You might be one. The basics of influencer marketing includes Influencers collaborating with brands on products, experiences and trips to name a few ways to create media and/or get paid.

When I first started FIT Life Creation (our lifestyle brand with health, wealth, biz in 1), I started exploring experiences. In 2014, I became fascinated by story sharing, authenticity, and media with influencers across media channels.

I simplified the concept in my mind to recognize influencer marketing is word of mouth at its basic level. At an exponential level, influencer marketing is aligned to circles of influences online (social media) on steroids. We've now worked with influencers in lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship since 2016 in multiple ways and continue to grow.

Some of our results include directly and indirectly working with >10,000 influencers, experiencing >2500% ROI in 2018, and >200MM in reach in 2019 across multiple platforms including our own. Whether you have a personal or business brand, perhaps you want to build your brand with influencers and/or influencer platforms. Yet, you don't know where to start.

Even when I was in Corporate, I often thought of ways to simplify and amplify results. This strategy led to >1000% ROI and over $10,000,000 in results in one year with a team with one Oil + Gas Company (results not typical, but possible.) My original predictions to the Board of Directors was approximately $2 million so this blew my own brain.

With lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I became focused on creating community with not simply creating a life and business I love, but helping others #createit (what they love) too! This is why influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship aka word of mouth is so appealing to us when done right.

To add more to the word of mouth to influencer marketing - #didyouknow that influencer marketing grew to $4,6B billion in 2018 alone? It is definitely worth looking at the ways to build your brand with influencer tools.

The increase of influencer tools make it easier than ever to build your brand.

I started exploring and building our brand with influencer marketing and tools consistently in 2016. Since then, I've explored over 50. We've tested and executed over 25+ campaigns on >10 platforms. I and we continue to be students as new influencer marketing tools and platforms come to my attention all the time. I am a forever student in each area of life.

This year, we expanded quite a bit with campaigns, consistency, and reach (over 200MM on influencer marketing platforms!) With the team, we continued to grow with our community with influencers and bloggers. We are scaling with interns and brands in 2019.

None of this happened overnight. For the people in the back, let me repeat it. None of it happened overnight. It was and is work. I've tried countless ways and tools, and continue to. Each and every time I and we learn.

I continue to get clear on communication, community and innovation. We continue to get clear on simplicity and ease step by step to present opportunities and campaigns. When you increase simplicity, it increases impact and influence.

We continue to get clear on who is a great fit - e..g people that want to create what they love, see value of online courses, tips, tools, tech, and events for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.

As a result, I know a team and tools will be important as we continue to create community.

When you are clear on a strategy, structure and systems, it becomes easier and easier to scale. If you want to inspire with influencer marketing, here are 7 influencer tools to build your brand.

So, let's get into:

7 Influencer Tools to Build Your Brand

I'm sharing these in the order that I discovered these 7 influencer tools. I will highlight the ones I use the most and respective results in influencer marketing.

1. Collabor8

Collabor8 is a great influencer marketing tool for both personal and business brands. I've personally found incredible brands on here like DayPass, as well as incredible influencers interested in lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship.

Their platform is simple to use. You simply request a user and wait for them to reply back and let them know how you want to collaborate. Even if you want a bit more information e.g. application, you easily return back to the platform on your or your team's phone to set the terms and give reviews.

Pro: Easy to use and connect.

Recommend having a brand application to help be clear on your collabs.

Tip: Would help if platform gave incentives and ratings for ratios of

applied and completion of collabs.

High response rate. Not high completion rate.

2. Rep App

Rep is an influencer marketing tool that is easy to use both for your phone and your computer. The sign up is easy with an email or with Facebook. As an influencer, you may browse by categories for opportunities for your personal brand..

As a brand or as an influencer, you may post an offers to build your brand with influencers.

I love this feature. It makes it simple to apply for an opportunity and/or for others to apply to yours.

If you have over a certain number of followers, you may post bulletins as well to drive quick action.

Pro: Easy to use and connect on computer and phone + offer listings.

Recommend having a brand application to help be clear on your collabs.

Tip: Would help if platform gave incentives and ratings for ratios of

applied and completion of collabs.

High response rate. Not high completion rate.

3. Hypemarket

Hypemarket is one of the first influencer marketing tools I learned about back in 2015-2016. It is simple to use online for free. They allow influencer searches and listing of campaigns. The platform itself is super user friendly as well.

It's designed for simple campaigns that you run for 14 days to get response rates. Influencers may apply and brands may look for influencers to invite to your campaign as well.

Pro: Easy to use and create campaigns on computer.

Easy to list full campaigns. If you are scaling influencer collabs,

recommend having a brand application to help be clear on your collabs.

Tip: Would help if platform gave incentives and ratings for ratios of

applied and completion of collabs.

High response rate. Not high completion rate.

4. Tribe

With each and every experience you learn and grow. Tribe offers a variety of campaigns for influencers. It's simple to sign-up via the app on your phone directly with Facebook. If you didn't know, the majority of influencer marketing platforms are free for influencers. This helps rapidly increase the audience and is valuable for brands.

I've explored some campaigns on their platform for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship that align to my values. As a brand, we ran some campaigns on their platform in 2018 and met some awesome influencers who resulted in consistency across campaigns. You may see some highlights of our influencer marketing lifestyle transformation campaigns.

For added insight, they do require minimum commitments for brands across campaigns that they ask you upfront. You don't know initially what influencers will apply, if they will be a great fit, and generate results.

When starting out with influencer marketing and platforms, do what is best for you and your brand. Test influencers and platforms as you see fit and is in alignment for you to get the best influencers, traction, and return on investment.

Pro: Easy to use for influencers and for brands.

Great visual interface and app.

For brands, influencers provide content in advance.

Ask for case studies, demographics, ROI

(and/or we may assist you in lifestyle influencer marketing

and your ideal influencer, platforms, and strategy)

Tip: Would help if platform gave options to test run 3-5+ campaigns

before requiring to invest larger amounts to ensure ROI.

5. Activate

Activate is an influencer marketing tool that started its story in 2007 long before influencer marketing was a hot topic. I first discovered their content creation platform - Bloglovin' several years ago. I just started using it regularly.

What is interesting is how I and we came to test their influencer marketing platform this past April. Somehow or someway my personal profile got integrated with a brand profile. As many influencer marketing platforms are free for brands as well, I didn't think anything of it.

When I got on the platform, I immediately was excited as they have over 75,000 influencers they activated last year. Even more so, I love how easy it was to set up influencer marketing lifestyle transformation campaigns.with this influencer tool. We immediately started gaining incredible traction and responsiveness with podcast, course, and event collabs. Of course, I loved it.

Then, when their account team within that month reached out it turned out the brand side was not free with minimum monthly fee to be on the platform and annual agreements. They were gracious and allowed a link on the existing campaigns for influencers to connect with us. We are still getting responses months later!

Currently, with time to create traction, results and ROI, the investment they require upfront would not have us breakeven until 3-9 months. As a result, we are not currently on the platform anymore. I did suggest they may want to consider a start-up package month to month and/or lower fees.

I did offer business development options as well with our podcast, courses, and events. I am a big believer in creating community. We did mention results of >2500% ROI last year, lifestyle entrepreneur features, ways to mutually partner with brands for influencer marketing.

I highly recommend always trying various ways to create value and partner if a direct relationship does not generate the ROI you are looking for, and/or is not possible at the moment. It is a great and user-friendly platform.

Pro: Easy to use for influencers and for brands.

Free for influencers only.

For brands, influencers provide content in advance.

Ask for case studies, demographics, ROI

(and/or we may assist you in lifestyle influencer marketing

and your ideal influencer, platforms, and strategy)

Tip: Would help if platform had start-up options,

gave options to test run 3-5+ campaigns, and/or

more open to media and business development partnerships

Note: This blog post is completely unpaid. However, with all the value I have gotten and we have gotten from these platforms, I feel it is my duty to share the value and about them.

Plus - it was great that Activate let the campaigns stay active with a link for influencers to contact us.

6. Perlu

Perlu is an influencer marketing tool designed to create community exponentially. They virtually treat influencers and brands as equals. Meaning both influencers and brands may create collaborations equally.

What is interesting is how I and we came to test their influencer marketing platform in May. Immediately after we transitioned from Activate, Perlu basically fell in my lap via an Instagram ad.

In my conversations with both Danielle and Brett, I realized how much value they were offering on all ends.

In <1 month, we reached over 200MM in our packs with community. In <3 months, we've had over a 100 direct applications to collaborations like our influencer study, podcast feature, and online challenges to name a few.

In addition, because of this platform I've connected with people like Courtney with Nourish the Free Life and got to be featured with Transform and Travel in Spain. an upcoming articles with Teach Work Out Love and Comeback Momma. I am super grateful for the community! I am loving how it continues to develop and the value!

Pro: Easy to use for influencers and for brands.

Relatively simple to set up campaigns.

Tip: Would help if could copy collabs and

track KPI's with each campaign and overall

from application to click-throughs.

7. FIT Life Creation

Our influencer marketing tool with lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship help people build your brand in various ways. From both a brand and influencer side, we offer options with features in our podcast, influencer study, and online mastermind and courses.

When I first started creating with influencer marketing, I realized there was no one platform that offered lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship campaigns with options to continue long-term. As a result, I decided to create it.

As we grew with creating directly and indirectly with over 10,000 influencers this year alone, I realized opportunities to scale further with applications, platforms, and metrics. We offer features, placements and integrations with our events and retreats for brands and influencers to build your brand.

This opened up my eyes and our eyes to further scale with brands, interns and freelancers with our team. For the brand side, we offer wellness, media, lifestyle and travel to take your brand to the next level with online and live options at every step.

This helps offer wellness for your teams, deliver full-scale media solutions, create a lifestyle brand from media to events, and travel with us on our retreats and more. We offer help scaling internally in your team as well.

I am and we are excited to see how the community creates a life and business they love.

Pro: Simple applications for each campaign.

Integrated tips + tools + tech with each collab.

Experiences + Bonuses for influencers.

Opportunities to be placed with brands long-term

with proven results with our lifestyle approach.

Brands have access to community and results.

Tip: Step by step will continue to integrate tips + tools.

Will enhance experiences + set up placements with

brands for campaigns + retreats + more.

Build Your Brand

Building your brand word of mouth and with influencer tools is powerful. It gives people a behind the scenes look at your services and experiences first hand. Any of the tools you use here will help you learn more about influencer marketing.

Each step you take helps you build your brand.

What did you get from this, and what will you take action on in the next 90 days or less?

If you want more on influencer marketing, you'll love this post on how to grow your reach to millions.

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