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7 Influencer Tools to Build Your Brand

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

There are many ways to build your brand. Face to face, social media and podcasts work. Meetings, workshops, and retreats work. It all works when we do. Perhaps, you are doing some of these ways to build your brand. You may even be doing all of them.

Unless you are living under a rock, you have heard about influencer marketing. You might be one. The basics of influencer marketing includes Influencers collaborating with brands on products, experiences and trips to name a few ways to create media and/or get paid.

When I first started FIT Life Creation (our lifestyle brand with health, wealth, biz in 1), I started exploring experiences. In 2014, I became fascinated by story sharing, authenticity, and media with influencers across media channels.

I simplified the concept in my mind to recognize influencer marketing is word of mouth at its basic level. At an exponential level, influencer marketing is aligned to circles of influences online (social media) on steroids. We've now worked with influencers in lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship since 2016 in multiple ways and continue to grow.

Some of our results include directly and indirectly working with >10,000 influencers, experiencing >2500% ROI in 2018, and >200MM in reach in 2019 across multiple platforms including our own. Whether you have a personal or business brand, perhaps you want to build your brand with influencers and/or influencer platforms. Yet, you don't know where to start.

Even when I was in Corporate, I often thought of ways to simplify and amplify results. This strategy led to >1000% ROI and over $10,000,000 in results in one year with a team with one Oil + Gas Company (results not typical, but possible.) My original predictions to the Board of Directors was approximately $2 million so this blew my own brain.

With lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship, I became focused on creating community with not simply creating a life and business I love, but helping others #createit (what they love) too! This is why influencer marketing for lifestyle transformation and entrepreneurship aka word of mouth is so appealing to us when done right.

To add more to the word of mouth to influencer marketing - #didyouknow that influencer marketing grew to $4,6B billion in 2018 alone? It is definitely worth looking at the ways to build your brand with influencer tools.

The increase of influencer tools make it easier than ever to build your brand.