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Let's Wander with @TheGlobalWanderess Hanny Lerida

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Boss, Traveler, Creator, Wife, Full-time Sales, Current Side-Hustler, Visionary of The Global Wanderess. Hanny is on a mission to wander with the Global Wanderess and create what she loves full-time.

........Feature Spotlight

We talk about how we connected via Activate, stories, her highlights with being a wife, mindset, overcoming, side-hustling, time management, and her experiences in our community with FIT Life Creation, and more. Let's Wander with Global Wanderess

We will get into:

1) Welcome + Highlights 2) Histories + Stories 3) Mindset and Transformation 4) Wander with The Global Wanderess 5) Marriage + Support

6) Time Management

7) Vision + Now 8) Her Experiences with Us 9) Keys for Entrepreneurship 10) Final Thoughts

We hope you love to create a community with us!