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7 Communities Like a Boss

I don't know about you friend, but I love connecting and creating with communities online & live. That's what Communities Like a Boss is all about!

When I first started increasing investing in myself as an entrepreneur, I sought like-minded communities for either short and/or long-term. I am in no way, shape or form self-made. I am God-made and community made. These transformation teachers have impacted me in countless ways through the years.

In 2020, communities have impacted me more than ever, as well as the realization community helps carry us through the toughest and best times in our lives and business. If you are looking for uplifting communities spiritually, mentally, and financially, the 7 Communities Like a Boss will help you in every way.

Whether you are working a 9-5, an entrepreneur, or building a brand, your time and community is precious. At the same time, getting and keeping communities like a boss is priceless! We all love to be surrounded by like-minded and visionary community. Sometimes it takes awhile for people to imagine, value and create communities.

Start connecting and creating with communities you love. It changes everything in every way.

Connecting and creating with community online and live is an art and science whether you are creating your own, and/or seeking to be a part of one. What communities align for me may be different for you. In addition, I assess and shift communities I am a part of regularly.

These Communities Like a Boss will help you get inspired to connect and create with communities you love.


1 Transformation Church

Faith is very important and drives everything I am and do now. I discovered Transformation Church in 2019 through the Crazy Faith series. In some of our personal development calls with Herbalife, we were introduced to Pastor Michael Todd. The worship and messages of this church, and Pastor Michael's relatable and transparent style has impacted my faith in countless ways.

In 2020, more than ever I have leaned on faith, forgiveness, as well as aligning faith to works.

In addition to Transformation Church, I participate with events, studies, and sermons with TD Jakes, Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore, Lifeway, Passion City and more.


Photo Credit: Rose Riot Photography

2 Herbalife Global Nutrition

In 2013, my close friend Isabel introduced me to Herbalife Global Nutrition. In less than 3 months, she lost >25 lbs after having three kids. Even though I had tried numerous things to lose weight and keep it off, I decided to give Herbalife a try.

Within the first month, I fell in love with the taste of the products, my energy, and the community I gained with Herbalife and Herbaheroes. This continues to be the case - +55 lbs lost and 7 years later.

Yes, the products, and results are incredible. The community and education is everything. It has impacted my spirit, soul, mind and body in countless ways from the community online in Facebook groups, challenges online, and online and live events.

You literally would not be reading this blog or listening to my show if I had not been led to Herbalife seemingly for health results. Ultimately, the health and community led me to discover passion and purpose.

I love the weekly and monthly training and community involvement in various ways. I am grateful for corporate and communities adapting to online further this year more than ever. Transformation Events have changed so much in my live.

Disclaimer: Average person loses .5 to 1lb a week with healthy active lifestyle.


3 FIT Life Creation

You didn't think I was going to leave out our community did you? From the start, I envisoned the community I desired focused on faith, vision, and adventure. I prayed and created with intention to focus on passion, purpose, people and then profits.

I wrote down the vision to create an all in one lifestyle brand - with health, wealth, and business - with tips, tools and technology. I imagined and created media like this, online courses, and an influencer community.

My focus is to create a creator's community in every way from the freebies to the brand engagements. For you and people to feel like I and we give what you need to create and scale a life, business, and community you love with freedom and joy.

At the same time, it has taken alignment to vision, as well as taking steps to automate and scale like a boss.

Did I get here overnight? No. Will you? No.

Will I get to the vision? Yes. Step by Step.


Photo Credit: Brett Seeley

4 Peloton App

I love to workout for years now. I love to transform myself from the inside out. For over 10+ years, the gym, training for endurance and fitness shows has been an instrumental part of my fitness journey.

Fast forward to a global pandemic in 2020, and figuring out what new routine will work for me. This year, I increased time outside in nature, dancing in general and with Steezy App, and most of all with the Peloton App.

I started in July on the free 30 day trial. I fell in love with the instructors, on-demand classes, and variety across cardio, strength, and stretching among many other workouts. Last month, I hit over 10,000 minutes on the app.

Between the community and challenges, it has helped me stay accountable and keep getting results in more ways than one.


Photo Credit: Leo Parias in Costa Rica

5 Wanderful

I learned about Wanderful, an international community of women who travel that is 40,000+ strong with online and live events and trips, from Ashley Renne who joined us in our Cuba Retreat.

She shared how Beth, Marissa, Karisma and the Wanderful community helped her as a woman who travels with taking leaps of faith and a community to support it!

I have participated with Wanderful in online events, virtual meeting days with content creators, and hosting online sessions in their online community. I became a Community Expert with them this year as well. I have met incredible people every step of the way with a love of creating and travel! I've shared highlights of our CREATEIT Summit in their community too!


Photo Credit: My Own Canon EOS M100 on Timer

6 Girls Love Travel

Speaking of women who travel, I love Girls Love Travel. I learned about Girls Love Travel and the creator, Haley from Jennifer with @thesocialgirltraveler who traveled with us on our Cuba Retreat.

I love how they share travel stories, connect with over a million women globally, and seek to align to communities to add value to their community as well. I connected a few months ago with Shar with Business Development on several initiatives online and live.

We are collaborating on the CREATEIT Summit with hands on wellness, faith, marketing, business and travel including tips, tools and tech.


Photo Credit: Photos by Brock Atlanta

7 Super Focus

In July, I found myself realizing I wanted increased focus on faith and accountability in a business community. Over the years, I have read Success is Not an Accident by Tommy Newberry 7+ times and it has greatly impacted my mission and purpose. In addition, I have read his book Joy Principle 5+ times as well.

I decided to see if he had taken any of his live programs online during 2020. Ironically, the same month I looked he did. I decided to enroll in the Super Focus community focused on Achieving Optimal in every area of life.

Each month we connect online in a group setting for 2-3+ hours on a theme for the month. We celebrate wins, and go through a workbook each month. I regularly listen to sessions as well.

The Super Focus group helps me increase clarity on action aligned to mission and vision.

Communities Like a Boss

Communities like a boss will help you connect and create easier and faster than ever! Even if you start with 1-3 of the communities, you will feel and see like a new entrepreneur!

Which of these communities will you start with first? We would love to see what communities you connect and create on your journey to create and scale a life, business and community you love!

Share with us. on social media via @katrinajuliafit and @fitlifecreation for a feature!

For more ways to connect and create with community online & live, you will love How to Increase Your Online Presence Like a Boss.


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