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How to Start Your Podcast for Free Like a Boss

Have you heard about Anchor, an all in one platform where you create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device for free? It really is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. I recently learned about them via Tribe. After years of being on Podbean, I switched over easily last week in July 2020.

While Podbean was a great tool for the last few years to share and distribute my show, Create with Katrina Julia, Anchor overwhelmingly offered many reasons to switch over. They live and breathe by the easiest way to podcast, ever #notsponsored.

Whether you are thinking about starting a podcast, or have a show like I do, Anchor makes it easy to start and switch your show. Not only that, Anchor is FREE. Yes, FREE. Right off the bat, I saved $480 annually. Talk about an immediate return. That's not all.

Miraculously, all my episodes switched over in a manner of minutes once I followed their easy to follow steps. Not only that, but they include a recording platform, sound effects, and clip merging on the platform. Before, I was doing these steps via ZenCaster, Animoto, and Audio-Joiner.

Anchor simplified my life from four tools to one. I am here for the time saving for sure. As if it could not get any better, in less than 3 days it did. They added me to 3+ new platforms I was not on before like Spotify without my doing anything.

Not only do they offer paid ad placements with your own voice, but I got my first one on the show with Anchor!! Why am I so excited - ahem, free, savings, growth, and opportunities.

I know how hard it can be to figure out how to start your show, strategize and structure your episodes, and figure out the technology you will use for your podcast. I am very grateful I found Anchor #thisblogisnotsponsored.

With any online business, starting and sharing on a podcast creates evergreen valuable content to connect with your community. Serving people in any time zone and while I am doing anything else - yes please.

How to Start Your Podcast Easily for Free will help you with Naming Your Show, Channel Art, Content Ideas and Series. Anchor will help you with the rest.

Stay tuned because in my next blog and show episode, we talk about How to Grow Your Podcast Like a Boss - featured on Better Marketing.

Start Your Podcast Easily

Figuring out where and how to start your podcast may seem overwhelming.

Let me simplify it for you.

  • Name Your Show

  • Design Your Channel Art

  • Content Ideas & Series

  • Technology and Tools

  • Set a Schedule for Podcasting

Before you know it, you will be podcasting like a boss.

With using this step by step approach to start your podcast easily for free, you will have your show up and running faster than you think.

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash


Naming Your Show

Naming your show is easier than you think. Keep it simple and aligned. Likely, you already have a blog, Instagram, website etc. Align your name branding wise across all your platforms.

For example, my name is Katrina Julia, this platform is FIT Life Creation, and I focus on helping you #CREATEIT - a Life & Business You Love.

In the beginning, I named my show FIT Life Creation. Later, I realized Create with Katrina Julia tied in better. Easy peasy.

Check and see if a similar name is taken and Google it. Get inspired by the shows of others. Consider what you love about them, and what you feel may be missing or where you uniquely serve.

For example, I love Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger name and focus, as well as Rise by Rachel Hollis. However, my focus area is to help you #Createit - so my name for the show was born,


Design Channel Art

Channel Art for your show is much more simple than you think. My answer for almost anything content creation wise - Canva! Yes, you can create your channel art for your show in minutes on Canva.

Pick a template, change the colors, and select an image that represents how you want people to relate to you and your show.

We cover the 411 more in depth in our CREATEIT summit and monthly mastermind as well.


Content Ideas and Series for Your Podcast

Once you have your name and channel art, you may be wondering on how to create content ideas for your show. I have you covered friend.

Here is how I started:

1 Start with themes e.g. faith, wellness, online business etc

2. Create a content schedule and flow that works for you

3 Overlap and share content across your blog, social media, newsletter etc.

4 Brainstorm and invite guests directly and via platforms like Podcast Guests

5 Set up a schedule for where, how and what you record and when.

In 2020, I got inspired by Pastor Michael Todd and how he approaches series for his sermons. I realized how much easier it is to create content when I do series e.g. like this online one, faith, and prior social media, wellness, influencer marketing, and travel series. Some of my series run 3-5 episodes, and some run 15+.

When you have a show series for your podcast, the ideas continue to flow for content and guests easing any scarcity mindset completely.

So, now that you have all the pieces together, what's next? Sign up with Anchor for free!


Signing Up Your Show on Anchor

Anchor signs up and/or switching process is super simple. They walk you through step by step both on the platform, and in the e-mails. Their support team is amazing as well and incredibly responsive.

You can see how easy the platform is with info about your podcast via settings. Here is mine as an example. This is what is used across all podcasting distribution networks e.g. iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.

Easy upload of your channel art. Options on each episode to customize individual episodes.

Creating your episode is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and/or 4. You record directly here and your audio goes into the Library. In case you didn't know yet, I record from my fancy recording my closet.

They include fun transitions to emphasize intros and points.

Previously, I would go to Animoto to get these.

I love they include the upload and drag files to merge files in their platform.

Previously, I would go to Audio Joiner to combine files.

Tools simplified 4 to 1.

Time saved >2 hours weekly.

Peace of mind priceless.

Once you upload your episode, you enter your episode title, description, series, and show.

You can easily track your analytics via Anchor as well. Since I just switched days ago, I don't have full analytics yet.

However, I love how seamless and easy the switch was without skipping a beat!


Transferring my Show Easily

With over 300 shows recorded, you may imagine I was a bit nervous about transferring my show. When I read the reviews and process, my mind was quickly but at ease.

I followed the easy instructions and my show showed up without skipping a beat in <10 minutes as transferred. Not only that, but they submitted to 3+ new distribution channels helping me and podcasters grow their shows.

So, if you are a seasoned podcaster wondering, wonder and worry no more,

My Show Transferred Over and All Episodes & Reviews in Place

No beats skipped.


Start Your Podcast for Free Like a Boss

No matter what business you are in, podcasting helps you connect with community globally any time of day. You and your story matter.

Start your podcast for free like a boss by naming your show, creating your channel art, outlining your content ideas, and getting started recording your first show. ABC 123.

What is your next step to start your podcast for free like a boss?

Oh, and stay tuned because its just getting good.

On the next blog & show, I am sharing How to Grow Your Podcast Like a Boss - featured in

Better Marketing.

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