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How to Start Your Podcast for Free Like a Boss

Have you heard about Anchor, an all in one platform where you create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device for free? It really is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. I recently learned about them via Tribe. After years of being on Podbean, I switched over easily last week in July 2020.

While Podbean was a great tool for the last few years to share and distribute my show, Create with Katrina Julia, Anchor overwhelmingly offered many reasons to switch over. They live and breathe by the easiest way to podcast, ever #notsponsored.

Whether you are thinking about starting a podcast, or have a show like I do, Anchor makes it easy to start and switch your show. Not only that, Anchor is FREE. Yes, FREE. Right off the bat, I saved $480 annually. Talk about an immediate return. That's not all.

Miraculously, all my episodes switched over in a manner of minutes once I followed their easy to follow steps. Not only that, but they include a recording platform, sound effects, and clip merging on the platform. Before, I was doing these steps via ZenCaster, Animoto, and Audio-Joiner.

Anchor simplified my life from four tools to one. I am here for the time saving for sure. As if it could not get any better, in less than 3 days it did. They added me to 3+ new platforms I was not on before like Spotify without my doing anything.

Not only do they offer paid ad placements with your own voice, but I got my first one on the show with Anchor!! Why am I so excited - ahem, free, savings, growth, and opportunities.

I know how hard it can be to figure out how to start your show, strategize and structure your episodes, and figure out the technology you will use for your podcast. I am very grateful I found Anchor #thisblogisnotsponsored.

With any online business, starting and sharing on a podcast creates evergreen valuable content to connect with your community. Serving people in any time zone and while I am doing anything else - yes please.

How to Start Your Podcast Easily for Free will help you with Naming Your Show, Channel Art, Content Ideas and Series. Anchor will help you with the rest.

Stay tuned becau