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  • Katrina Julia

7 Influencer Tools for Brands and Influencers

Updated: May 14, 2019

7 Influencer Tools for Brands and Influencers

I give insight into the tools I have and we have used directly in connecting, creating and cultivating with over 5,000+ influencers and generated >2500% ROI since 2015 with our lifestyle brand.


1) Influencer Marketing Hub

2) Fiverr

Use: Thlonebookaneer for Influencer Searches

3) Hypemarket

4) Rep App

5) Collabor8

6) Ninja Outreach

7) FIT Life Creation

Our Creative Community and Influencer Marketing Platform with 

Limitless Collabs to get healthy, make money, and build brands with

experiences: podcasts, challenges, masterminds, coaching, events, 

retreats and academies and more!

Let's get into the highlights.

Full episode on the podcast: Episode 91


Short Sneak Peak: