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30 Day Challenge to Create a Life and Business You Love

Life is an incredible adventure, filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and create a life and business you love with freedom.

Imagine dedicating the next 30 days to a transformative challenge that covers the fundamental pillars of a fulfilled life – from faith and wellness to wealth, marketing, business, travel, and creating communities.

Get ready to embark on a journey that will set you on the path to creating a life and business you truly love.

30 Day Challenge to Create
30 Day Challenge to Create

30 Day Challenge to Create

In my 30 Day Challenge to Create a Life and Business You Love, you will experience

7 Themes Every 7 Days. The themes include faith, wellness, wealth, marketing, business travel, and communities.

Cultivating Unshakeable Faith

The first day of every week starts off with a message on faith. Start each week of the challenge by nourishing your faith and spirit. Dedicate these days to daily reflections, meditations, or affirmations that strengthen your belief in yourself and your vision. Explore inspirational readings, connect with like-minded individuals, and embrace the power of unwavering faith to guide your journey.

My own transformation story is founded on faith in every way.

Prioritizing Wellness and Self-Care

Wellness is the foundation of a successful life and business. The second day of every week in the 30 Day Challenge focuses on wellness.

Focus on self-care practices, nourishing meals, and rejuvenating activities. Incorporate daily workouts, mindfulness exercises, and moments of stillness that replenish your energy and promote holistic well-being.

The more I learned how to focus on self love, losing over 55 lbs, and clearing my mind, the more everything changed.

Mastering Wealth Mindset and Strategies

Shifting your mindset around wealth and abundance is key to success. The third day of every week in the 30 Day Challenge focuses on wealth.

Dive into wealth-building resources, learn about financial literacy, and explore strategies to manage and multiply your resources. Challenge yourself to create a budget, explore investment options, and set clear financial goals.

Elevating Your Marketing Like a Boss

Marketing is fundamental to sharing your story and your business. On Day 4 of every week of the 30 Day Challenge, I share tips, tools and tech into marketing! I share everything from How Barbie Marketing is a Billion Dollar Genius to behind the scenes with tools like AI Marketing Managers.

Create Your Business with Passion, Purpose, and Profits

Now, it's time to focus on your business. On Day 5 of every week of the 30 Day Challenge to Create a Life and Business You Love, I share business tips, tools and tech. I share everything from personal branding to coworking to business tools like ClickUp.

Travel in Your Own Backyard and Explore the World

Travel gets us out of our comfort zone in more ways than one. Whether you explore in your own backyard and/or around the globe, the challenges in travel will help you grow. On Day 6 of every week of the 30 Day Challenge, I will cover travel including free travel, travel in your own backyard, creating travel communities, and travel all around the world.

Creating Communities

Being a part of and creating communities online, live, and all around the world feeds our souls like nothing else. On Day 7 of every week of the 30 Day Challenge, I cover communities with intentionally clearing and creating online and live.

Venture into the world and explore new horizons. Whether it's through virtual experiences, travel, and/or diverse communities, open your heart to connecting with community globally.

Engage in conversations, share your journey, and inspire others to join you on the path of limitless possibilities.

30 Day Challenge to Create a Life and Business You Love

Create on a 30-day Challenge to commit to your growth, well-being, and success. As you engage with each theme – faith, wellness, wealth, marketing, business, travel, and communities – you'll be nurturing your mind, body, and soul, and shaping the life and business you've always envisioned.

Remember, this journey is not just about these 30 days; it's about creating lasting habits that will continue to propel you forward in transformation.

Don't miss a single moment of this life-transforming challenge!

Together, let's create a life and business that reflect the limitless potential within us.

Your journey starts now – are you ready to accept the challenge to CREATEIT Like a BOSS?



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