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  • Katrina Julia

How to Make Money with a Lifestyle Brand: Part 2 of 2

Updated: May 16, 2019

How to Make Money with a Lifestyle Brand: 

Part II Dives in Deeper see all below!

I give insight into my past, transformation, how I created what I loved, and how I teach others simply and ways you may make money with a Lifestyle Brand / Entrepreneurship.

Let's get into highlights and behind the scenes to start simple and transform!

Let's Talk:



1) Leaving Corporate America in 2011

2) Starting my Own Consulting in 2010 

(always side hustle queen had a previous one too

with partners still in existence)

3) Starting Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition in 2013

and the Impact on Other's Lives + My first 15 lbs +

Olympic Distance Triathlon and doing it in Janelle's honor.

4) My best friend, Janelle being diagnosed with cancer in 2014

and passing away in December of that year. 

5) Mortality Motivation - playing full out and pealing the layers.

6) My First Fitness Show with National Physique Committee 

losing over 55 lbs between 2013-2014. Disclaimer: avg person 

that uses Herbalife loses .5 to 1 a week. 

7) Power of Social Media + Story Sharing

My first year of 25X results. *Disclaimer: Not typical, possible

8) Community Creation and Influencer Marketing

The same skills I helped other industries generate 7+ figures

scaling, simplicity, and belief in being worthy.

9) Fundraising Platform Possibilities

Our First Fundraising Events

10) Brand Integrations + Placements

11) The Transition to Realizing What Else I Could Create

12) Creating Retreats (course coming in March-April)

Book now on Amazon!

13) Automation and Scaling and Investments I Made

with Chalene Johnson and Brendon Burchard + Intentions

14) Filming my First 7 Day Challenge

15) Transitions to a Monthly Mastermind with Tips, Tools, Tech

All Included in Experience

16) Shifts to Influencer Inclusions for Full Lifestyle Platform

17) Retainers for Brands to Create a Lifestyle Brand or Including

Our Items e.g. 7 Day, Mastermind, Programs for Employees

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for more value creation!

Course: How to Build a Lifestyle Brand in 90 Days

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Creation Club: Mastermind

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Free 14 Day Challenge

Monthly Transformation Pack + Bonuses when you choose to create with our community after the Free 14 Days like Herbalife Nutrition Packs Monthly, Wealth and Business Bonuses like the course "Exponential Exposure" that gives you exact TIPS + LIST for Press Trips, Speaking Gigs, Affiliates and MORE! Over $1,000 in value easily!

(Included in various aspect in our experiences

Along with hands on activities +

how to's + behind the scene

What if…

What if you focused on changing and replacing habits?

What if you celebrated your progress step by step?

What if you used lifestyle tools to help make it easier?

What if you took accountability and action to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL?