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  • Katrina Julia

How to Find Influencers and Build a Brand: Ideas for Influencers Too!

Updated: May 16, 2019

How to Find Influencers to Build a Brand

(Ideas for Influencers Too)

I give insight into ways I have and we have directly reached out, worked with, and/or collaborated with over 3,000+ influencers and generated >2500% ROI since 2015 with our lifestyle brand.


1) Direct outreach via Instagram and Email

2) Using a Resource on Fiverr to Search for Influencers

Use: Thlonebookaneer

3) Insights into Tools you may use both as a brand, and as influencer include

HypeMarket,  Collabor8, Muses, Influencer Marketing Hub,

to name some that will be helpful.

Let's get into the highlights.

Three Steps

1) Direct Outreach

2) Simple Resources

3) Terrific Tools


Short Sneak Peak:

Got a Little Bit More Time?

A Little Longer: ~7 Min


I LOVE this and how you broke it down!!!

Full Length for the Online Course to

Build Your Brand with Influencers

and/or the Webinar:

How to Build Your Brand with Influencers and Get Results

Our In A Week Series

5 Steps in a Week!

The Tips + Tools + Technology.

I break it down simply + easily with:

1) Overview + Road Map

2) Ideal Influencers

3) Creating It (All the Tips, Tools + Tech You Need)

Including Platforms!

4) Creating + Growing Campaigns

5) Metric Matters and MORE!