• Katrina Julia

How to Determine the ROI of Your Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Are you a content creator, social media guru, or boss blogger? Do you want to know ways to increase the value of your content and long-term collaborations for brands?

Perhaps you are brand and you’ve run a social media or influencer marketing campaign or two. Yet you still find yourself at a loss over how to determine the return on investment (or ROI) on your social media and influencer marketing.

Your finance department (and your boss) want to know exactly what the return on investment is from your campaigns. No one ever taught you, or them, how to calculate the ROI.

Figuring out how to master media, metrics and return on investment of your social media and influencer is no easy mountain to move.

My Experiences With Media and Metrics

My experience with media and metrics is similar to yours. I started at ground zero. Like you, I have many experiences I could draw on and the ability to learn. If I did it, so can you.

I’ve served in more than seven industries in strategy, consulting, and metrics. In every endeavor, there are always metrics to manage. I started to remind myself of numerous times as a certified public accountant that I was charged with measuring the value increase on the top line, as well as findings on the bottom line, like fraud, waste, and abuse. I correlated measuring metrics in marketing with experiences in data analytics in various roles and projects.

Since starting seriously with social media and influencer marketing in 2016, step by step, I identified a strategy and structure to continuously improve. This includes ways to evaluate both qualitative and quantitative metrics at every level. This has led to creating awareness, community, and results.

In social media and influencer marketing, results have included aligned content creation, a community of more than 25,000 in years, and over 2,500% ROI in earned media alone in 2018.

The more action we take, the more aligned action is revealed. In 2019, we’ve grown to greater than 300 million in reach and community on our own influencer marketing platform and over five platforms.

What we are most excited about is creating a community centered around creators creating a life and business they love and giving back. I believe the more aligned you are with your vision, mission, and purpose, the more your return will be inevitable. That’s why it’s essential to take a long-term approach to social media and influencer marketing. Otherwise, your influencer bubble might burst.