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How to Create a Website for Courses + Behind the Scenes

Updated: May 16, 2019

How to Create a Website for Your Course

or How to Create a Course Website

I show you behind the scenes into our own challenges and courses with the

7 Day Challenge; Monthly Mastermind: Creation Club; and insights into How to Create and Launch Online Course in a Week, How to Build Your Brand with Influencers, Money Maker, and IN a Day Series.

Free guides, challenges and/or webinars on each to help you create what you love

and get healthy, make money, and build brands.

I share behind the scenes and examples of our Overall Landing Page for Courses, Individual Landing and Offer Pages, Tips and Tools with Automation, Value Insight, and Behind the Scenes with Courses.

I share from both the lens so you have a sneak peak in case you want to create with our community, and so you may see what is possible for you to create for time, location and ultimately step by step *with consistency, initiative, influence and effort financial freedom.

Disclaimer: I have helped both entrepreneurs, start-ups, companies and brands from start-up to Fortune 500 reach 7-9+ figure results, and 25X in one year and 6 figures in start ups.