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Gratitude in 2020 from an Entrepreneur

As all of us globally are walking through unprecedented and unknown times more than ever in our lifetime, I feel compelled more than ever to focus for gratitude. Gratitude for all we have experienced, all we are experiencing, and all we will experience.

What would all of us look like if we practiced daily gratitude from birth? Imagine our world. What transformation could happen in your life if you committed to gratitude daily? I implemented this practice over three years ago, and let me tell you it changes everything.

When I first started practicing gratitude daily, I started changing my spiritual, mental and emotional habits. In 2016, I started creating my 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success including every area of life from the spiritual to financial.

I feel more joy than ever in the midst of our circumstances. Ironically, I received joy as a divine download in November for my word and focus for 2020. You may imagine I am being challenged to find contentment and joy every day in the simplest ways.

Last week, I became challenged to increase my gratitude and journaled over five pages of gratitude. This exercise came from the book, The One, by Katherine Woodward Thomas. As a result, I chose to record it by a stream in Chastain Park in Atlanta.

I believe now more than ever our focus is being called to be on gratitude, joy, and peace. Here are my reflections of Gratitude in 2020 from an Entrepreneur

What are you grateful now? Challenge yourself to journal five pages on gratitude and record it as well on your phone. Bonus: Play it daily and hear gratitude in your own voice.

Gratitude for 2020

Whether you are in Corporate, working a 9-5, or an entrepreneur, gratitude changes everything. We get what we focus on. Who doesn't want more to be grateful for?

I won't lie and say its easy every time to choose gratitude when I go through hard things. However, I practice gratitude first thing in the morning as part of my Sacred 7 Morning Routine. This helps increase my focus no matter what is going on in my life or in the world. In the middle of situations,

I stop and pray more and more. I ask myself how am I growing through this situation? I challenge myself to see where I have misdirected my identity, worth and security to temporary things, and to redirect them to the eternal.

I am reminded always of my favorite scripture 1 John 4:18 - Perfect Love Drives Out All Fear

Gratitude Practices

I love how my heart and soul feels more and more joy than ever. It's a culmination of the fruits of the Spirit, as well as my daily disciplines for 3+ years now. In addition, the challenges I constantly welcome to grow further in life.

My Five Pages of Gratitude

Dear God,

I am grateful for my faith, my health, and all the ways you love me. I am grateful I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am grateful I am a beautiful wonderful child of God. I am grateful how you prune and prepare me for leadership. I am grateful for turning pain to purpose. I am grateful for more time with you.

I am grateful for Selah moments of peace and quiet. I am grateful for this notepad. I am grateful for Easter. I am grateful for what your Son, Jesus did for us. I am grateful for the sacrifice, the middle on Saturday and the Resurrection on Sunday.

I am grateful for my Sacred.7 Morning Routine, 7 Steps to Success (90 day plans on blog), and Create 7 divinely led. I am grateful for growth from inside out. I am grateful for my pruning and seeing distrust in you, idolatry and false gods fall away over the external like money, status, recognition and perfectionism.I am grateful for resting in how deeply loved I am by you.

I am grateful for my home. I am grateful for my bed. I am grateful for my mattress. I am grateful for rest. I am grateful for food and Herbalife. I am grateful for parks nearby. I am grateful for my workouts.

I am grateful for my mom and dad, and their dog Benji. I am grateful for all they have done for me, and continue to. I am grateful for their examples of love and fight and breaking boundaries. I am grateful I saw them and my brother Alex, Andrea, and my niece and nephew - Sofia and Leo. I am grateful everyone is healthy. I am grateful we are calm in the midst of chaos.

I am grateful we are connecting more online. I am grateful for WhatsApp so we may connect between Bulgaria, USA, and Austria. I am grateful for my aunts, grandma, and cousins in Colorado and New Jersey. I am grateful for everyone's health and connecting more.

I am grateful for global travels to over 27 countries, and all the travels I will have in the future up to 100+ countries and beyond as you put on my heart. I am grateful for all the priceless moments and living life. I am grateful for fighting for freedom.

I am grateful for communities rising up online like Passion City, Transformation Church, and Elevation Church. Thank you for YouTube and access online. Thank you for our Buckhead community groups.

Thank you for all of my communities in wellness, marketing, business and travel surrounding me.

Thank you for our Herbalife Community rising up locally, nationally and globally and all the added trainings and resources. Thank you for Tone it Up and workouts.

Thank you for Boss Babe and the Societe and countless ways to connect online. Thank you for platforms like Medium, Kajabi, and Writer communities. Thank you for She's Wanderful, Digital Nomads, and more travel communities. Thank you for raising my awareness in more ways I may connect, serve, and create community. Thank you for Instagram and IG LIves.

I am grateful for community, platforms, and collabs growing. I am grateful for growth online in all ways with social media, podcast, online platforms, courses, and community abundantly.

Write and Record Your Gratitude

I am grateful you are Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Jireh, and all your names. I am grateful for your Son, Jesus, and Wonderful Counselor you sent. I am grateful for all the messes you helped me turn to a message.

I am grateful for free will, and that you don't force. I am grateful you are a gentleman.

I am grateful for all the wisdom, discernment and growth you have helped me walk through. I am grateful for every experience with people. I am grateful for each and every person I have been impacted by.

I am especially grateful for Isabel, Angela, Janelle, Lindsay. I am grateful for all my elementary friends and middle school friends and how we stay in touch especially Timika and Shannon. I am grateful for all the ways you turned pain to purpose. I am grateful for all the joy and priceless experiences around the world.

I am grateful for revelation in how I love you, myself, and others. I am grateful how you desire for me to be pursued how you pursued me. I am grateful for revelations Easter 2013 (7 years - perfection and completion), divine downloads on Ruth and Boaz and how she is his Hesed/Blessing, and he is her earthly redeemer. I am grateful for insights into seasons and how things move. I am grateful for prompting of speaking life and my new name in 2013.

Perhaps, you believe in God. Perhaps, you don't. Ask yourself how could you increase your love, compassion and self-care practices on a daily basis to grow?

I am grateful for all my dreams, desires, and gifts, talents and abilities you gave me . I am grateful for the desire to develop them and serve in excellence.

I am grateful for the process and preparation for purpose on the planet.

Thank you thank you thank you for all the ways I am being and becoming who I am created to be. Thank you for how you bless me beyond.

Holbox Island
Holbox Island

Chiibal Hostal
Chiibal Hostal

Journey of Entrepreneurship
Journey of Entrepreneurship

Grateful in 2020

No matter what is going on around you, there is always something to be grateful for. Count your blessings, not your problems. Do your best every day to do your part calmly and peacefully.

Imagine being the one who stands out in gratitude now more than ever. Wouldn't you rather be around someone like that too? Share when you do your five pages of gratitude and record it.

Play your own gratitude daily for yourself. Watch how your gratitude increases and shines for everyone around you online and in real life.

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