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Gratitude in 2020 from an Entrepreneur

As all of us globally are walking through unprecedented and unknown times more than ever in our lifetime, I feel compelled more than ever to focus for gratitude. Gratitude for all we have experienced, all we are experiencing, and all we will experience.

What would all of us look like if we practiced daily gratitude from birth? Imagine our world. What transformation could happen in your life if you committed to gratitude daily? I implemented this practice over three years ago, and let me tell you it changes everything.

When I first started practicing gratitude daily, I started changing my spiritual, mental and emotional habits. In 2016, I started creating my 90 Day Plan: 7 Steps to Success including every area of life from the spiritual to financial.

I feel more joy than ever in the midst of our circumstances. Ironically, I received joy as a divine download in November for my word and focus for 2020. You may imagine I am being challenged to find contentment and joy every day in the simplest ways.

Last week, I became challenged to increase my gratitude and journaled over five pages of gratitude. This exercise came from the book, The One, by Katherine Woodward Thomas. As a result, I chose to record it by a stream in Chastain Park in Atlanta.

I believe now more than ever our focus is being called to be on gratitude, joy, and peace. Here are my reflections of Gratitude in 2020 from an Entrepreneur

What are you grateful now? Challenge yourself to journal five pages on gratitude and record it as well on your phone. Bonus: Play it daily and hear gratitude in your own voice.