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Confidence and Calm in Chaos in 2020

No matter where you are in the world now, you are feeling and seeing chaos in 2020. You may be experiencing all types of emotions, direct impact being infected with COVID, knowing someone who is infected and/or passed away. My heart goes out to you and your loved ones. No one is immune to the global pandemic.

While you may not be impacted in illness, industries are shut down, events cancelled, unemployment rising, and the mental challenges themselves of isolation are hitting you like boxing gloves. I am right here with you.

Some of you read and tuned in to my 2020 Reflections of an Entrepreneur in the first few weeks of the global pandemic. I am staying safe in Atlanta, GA and will share more on how along with New York City and Governor Cuomo's office, as well as help from Rush Order Tees when I couldn't find masks anywhere.

Since sharing initially, I have had friends infected in Houston on the mend now, and family and friends impacted with loved ones passing away from COVID. While some of you may be surrounded by family, I am isolated alone like the rest of you.

I have family in Colorado, New Jersey, Austria and Bulgaria. My family wanted me to come, but I pointed out the risk of traveling through 4 airports and 4 planes being astronomically higher than what I am dealing with in Atlanta.

No is immune, and each of the choices we make more than ever will impact others. Whether it is you staying in self-quarantine, wearing a mask, and/or washing your hands, it all matters. Our mental states are one side, and the practical another.

Understand every choice you make with a global pandemic with questionable treatments and medication and no vaccine, is life and death to you, your city, your country. It is not only about you. I understand financial challenges and fears. I have been there, and am walking through my own. I am choosing to pivot and partner in exponential divine led ways.

In case you haven't heard yet, we are in unchartered and unprecedented times. There is no set date on the calendar where we will have medications that are 100% safe in treatment, a vaccine and/or cure available, and global distribution to the entire world. According to recent articles via New York Times, an optimistic estimate of a vaccine is 12-18 months. Our prior normal is gone for awhile.

Every time you, I, or anyone makes your choices only about your own interests without safety and wisdom in mind, you are making a choice to potentially impact you, loved ones and others to the point of death.

I know it isn't easy. I am not discounting or devaluing your experience.

Whether it is a global pandemic, physical, relational and/or financial external factors, we all walk through our human experiences all the time. I have learned over the last 7+ years with divine direction to choose confidence and calm in chaos no matter what. Will you?