• Katrina Julia

Through the Lens of Celia Werner: Creator Series

Welcome to our series Creator’s & Traveler's Creations!

We are sharing highlights from transformation stories and how we are creating FIT Life Creation and the community. In this Creator series feature, we are featuring Celia Werner from Celia Werner Productions.

Highlights of Story and Creations:

As a kid, I was that person who watched TV and movies for hours and hours and hours after school.

Never did I really think about how they were made, or how I could be a part of them until it was time to look at colleges.

"What do you want to do?" is always the question people receive. As someone who skated by in school with little interest in the academic subjects, it was eye-opening that there was an opportunity to grow in the photo/video industry after high school.

I got my first camera in middle school and was that kid who took photos day in and day out at school. So, when the rise of things like YouTube started coming about, I figured it was a sign that I had found the track I wanted to follow.

Photo Credit Celia Werner

The Beginning of my Entrepreneurship

My name is Celia Werner and I'm a Video Producer, Photographer, Visual Brand Consultant, Livestream Engineer, and Web Show Host - I wear a lot of hats.

I started my career while going to school at Hofstra University for a bachelors of science in Video, Television, and Film. I was taking photos and videos at Sweet 16's and Weddings on the weekend, which allowed me to make enough money to pay off my student loans before graduating.

You learn a lot about people doing event photography - how they interact, how people think about themselves, and importantly what angles make people look good.

After college, I dabbled in corporate media companies. I worked in news, I worked in reality and I did some time in on-air commercials. But the thing that got me was that I was still making more money on the weekends than I was an entire week as the low man on the totem pole at these large companies.

This is something that bothered me a lot and I was given a big decision moment when I was working on a television show and the network basically said "we'll pay you through Friday, the show is canceled."

I decided then and there I was going to be a full-time freelancer. I started networking, growing, and perfecting my skills to grow my business.

Now years later, I'm living proof that if you work hard to create the work environment you want it pays off.