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Lessons Learned on the Road to Happiness with Rene and Jim: Creator Series

by Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson

Welcome to our new series Creator’s Creations where creators submit their stories. We are sharing highlights from transformation stories and how we are creating FIT Life Creation and the community.

In this Creator series feature, we are featuring Lessons Learned on the Road to Happiness with Rene and Jim.

Highlights of Story and Creations:

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Content creators and influencers filled the packed conference room, eager to learn how to grow an online niche community. Jim stood at the podium and told them how. “If we can do what we've done with our Tripawds site for three-legged pets, you can grow a successful business around your blog.”

Then he drove home his point. “No niche is too small, and you are all an expert about something.” He spoke at the popular pet bloggers conference to expand the reach for our labor of love – the world’s largest support community for amputee pets and their people. Why did we do it? We owe it all to our first dog.

Jerry was our heart and soul dog, the Chief Fun Officer of a full-service marketing firm we had grown from scratch over a decade. He kept us sane and centered during long, stressful workdays while teaching us how to work together and keep our marriage intact.

In 2006, he turned eight years old. And one month later, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a deadly bone cancer with a grim prognosis. Back then we didn't even know dogs got cancer. And the shocks kept coming when doctors told us amputation could get rid of the pain and improve his quality of life for a few more months, maybe a year.

It seemed impossible that our best friend and hiking partner could cope on three legs. Feeling lost and alone we turned to the Internet, but what we found back then wasn’t very helpful – nor was it hopeful.

Photo Credits: Rene Agredano and Jim Nelson

It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four. Jerry's Motto.

We overcame our reluctance to amputate and went ahead with surgery. Then we started a small blog to update friends and family about his progress. A few weeks later, I turned our life upside down once more. “Hey what do you think about taking a road trip?”

I suggested to Jim after handing him a gin and tonic. “We could sell all of this and take time off. A sabbatical!” We were both burnt out on the business we had grown. It was time to expand or get out, and I knew in my heart if our time was limited with Jerry, I wanted to make the most of it. Surprisingly, my cautious risk taker husband agreed.

Over the next six months we planned for a year off and sold everything to give our retiring CFO the road trip of a lifetime. It was our way of paying him back for all those long workdays he waited patiently for us to play. We didn’t make a killing on our sale, but it allowed us to buy a pre-owned diesel truck and brand new fifth-wheel trailer.

For two amazing years, our beautiful three-legged dog beat the bone cancer odds. Maybe it was the constant change of scenery, maybe it was just a fluke. But we had the time of our lives roaming the country and making the most of every moment we had left. Along the way, PBS sent a film crew to capture our life on the road for the documentary, Nature: Why We Love Cats and Dogs.

Jerry left us in 2008. After that fateful day in Yellowstone National Park, we focused on building his legacy by making Tripawds the best resource for people facing amputation for their beloved pets.

Today, we’re still on the road in our RV, nurturing new members, managing the non-profit Tripawds Foundation and hosting 1600+ three-legged dog and cat blogs. We tell Jerry’s story in our book Be More Dog: Learning to Live in the Now – with a foreword and original illustration by MUTTS comic strip creator Patrick McDonnell.

The Amazon #1 New Release teaches readers about the important life lessons Jerry taught us, and everyone he met. It also details how we turned our passion into a full-time labor of love.

Our Accidental Brand

Your brand is more than pretty photos, a logo and tagline. It stands for what you believe in. It tells a story. Ours evolved organically. When Jim first registered the domain, he wanted to reclaim and empower the “tripods” term vets use to describe three-legged dogs and cats.

At first, we only wanted to share Jerry's story, and his motto: It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four. But soon passionate pet parents reached out to us, concerned for their own pets facing amputation. Once Jim installed discussion forums so we could all talk with each other, the community took off from there.

Our new calling had found us. We vowed to provide free educational resources and create a platform for discussion where anyone could share their own pet's amputation stories, treatment plans, and results. Before we knew it, we were content creators writing helpful articles, producing videos and podcasts with veterinary experts.

The social aspect grew when we added a live chat room. Then Jim built the Tripawds Blogs network to give members a free way to blog about their own Tripawd. Our calling wasn’t making any money, since charging for access just felt wrong when we considered the financial stress all our members face.

But we knew that if Tripawds were to survive, it had to earn us an income somehow. It finally started to pay for itself, once we curated our existing content into e-books and started selling helpful assistive devices we personally tested with Jerry, or our new spokesdog Wyatt Ray.

Today, our Tripawds logo that Jim designed is a badge of honor for amputee pets everywhere. The encircled three-paw trademark also symbolizes a merit badge for pet parents who do their homework by finding the best pet amputation recovery and care resources we have to offer.

Thirteen years ago we never would have dreamed that our calling would arrive in a community that helps three-legged pets and their people everywhere – from an RV.

Biggest Success Factors

Measurement of Success Matters.

Being featured on PBS was just the beginning of many ways that Tripawds has rewarded us. Publishing our book, with Patrick McDonnell creating the foreword, are two other milestones. But the one that I get giddy over is when Oprah said she loved our story.

Long before we finished Be More Dog, I called into the Gayle King Show on Sirius XM Radio. They were asking listeners to share their adventure stories. After I briefly described the two-year road trip we took with our three-legged dog,

Oprah told Gayle, “I love how they got in their RV and did it for their dog, Jerry.”

If there’s one thing that Jerry’s experience taught us, it’s that true success cannot be measured with money alone. The satisfaction that comes from helping others is what matters.

The best measurement of our own personal success is the simple fact that Jim and I are still enjoying our nomadic lifestyle more than a dozen years later, while serving others in their time of need. And when a veterinarian refers their worried client to us, it’s absolute proof that we are doing something right.

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