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How to Create No Brainer Offers Your Community Will Love

How to create no brainer offers that your community will love. I am taking you on an exclusive behind the scenes with my Creator to Cash Experience and 7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Days.

Welcome to my Creator to Cash Behind the Scenes with Landing Page Highlights.

My intention is you gain wisdom for your own offers regardless of whether you choose to get my Creator to Cash Toolkit, Workbook, Course, or 1 on 1.

The Landing Page Starts with the Free Creator to Cash Toolkit

The main goal is very simple. Capture attention.

Are you ready to shift from creator to cash in your business and that my Creator to Cash Toolkit will magnetize, magnify and monetize your message to shift from creator to cash. So you create it like a boss.

I then highlight What is Creator to Cash, Modules, Testimonials, and my Bio before the Offers. This. is outlined in How to Create a Sales Page Your Mama Will Love.


In Creator to Cash, currently I have 3 offers on the Landing Page.

I created a really low entry point with $70. The ROI on that is huge because this one's for the DIYers and imagine you buy this workbook for $70. Then, whether it's this week in the next month, in the next seven weeks, you take what I teach you and you apply and create it and you end up selling, creating a s$ 7k offer, and or a $3,500 offer, and or $1,000 offer.

Keep in mind, in every offer, I cover 7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Days. I cover 7 Ways with types of offers AND 7 ways with dollar offers.

$70 Offer

With the $70 Offer, you get the workbook, me on audio taking you step by step through the workbook, and insight into launching. You have an option to upgrade with Project Management.

$700 Offer

In the middle, you will see the most popular with the $700 Online Course.

The bonuses already cover the cost of the course #girlmath

  • Membership to the Creator to CEO Community

  • BONUS: CREATEIT Monthly* for 1 Month




In addition, you may see how I combine and integrate global retreats to showcase that I offer them AND that if you commit to #CREATEIT at a Global Retreat, you get the Creator to Cash Course.

*Promos and bonuses subject to change.

With Kajabi, I offer multiple payment options including AfterPay for financing. This is something you want to consider for your offers.

$3,500 Offer

I am currently offering 1 on 1s for $3,500. This may change to $7,000+ or more like my Creator CMO or may go away altogether. If you are even thinking of working with me 1 on 1, you want to start sooner rather than later.

In this offer, you immediately see how I elevate the offer and include the exact value of each item.

When you increase the ask for your offers you want to ensure you include this for price justification for yourself and others.

This way you know you are offering a no brainer offer.

  • VIP High Touch Experience

  • Marketing Audit (Value >$3,000)

  • 7 Ways to Make 7K in 7 Days Audit (Value >$7,000)

  • Creator Cash Map (Value >$7,000)

  • Creator to Cash Dashboard (Value >$3,000)

  • Creator to CEO Scorecard (Value >$3,000)

  • Creator to Cash Project Management for 7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Days (Value >$3,000)

  • Sessions with Katrina! (Value > $7,000)

  • PLUS: Everything in 7 Ways to Make $7K 💰Course + Workbook 

  • PLUS: CREATEIT Monthly for 7 Months AND

  • Transformation Toolkit with Health, Wealth, and Business for 7 Months!

Keep in mind, this is YEARS in the making with inner work including prayer, EFT, EMDR, meditation, visualization, and breath work. This is YEARS of outer work including learning and executing all the time as I #CREATEIT Like a Boss.

It is the aligned action of landing pages, emails and offers step by step along with social media.

Let's #createit

Creator CEOs Make Money

Creator CEOs, who have transitioned from being content creators to CEOs make money. My Creator to Cash Tool Kit and Course will help you with 7 Ways to Make $7k in 7 Days.

Creator CEOs shift from Creator to Cash including:

  1. Content Monetization: Creator CEOs can continue to monetize their content through various channels such as sponsored content, affiliate marketing, digital product sales, and premium subscriptions. We may leverage their expertise in content creation to produce high-quality and engaging content that attracts a loyal audience and drives revenue through advertising and partnerships.

  2. Product Sales: Creator CEOs may develop and sell their own products or merchandise related to their niche or industry. This mayinclude physical products, digital downloads, online courses, e-books, and branded merchandise. By creating products that resonate with your audience and provide value, you may generate revenue directly from product sales.

  3. Consulting and Coaching: Leveraging your expertise and experience, Creator CEOs can offer consulting services, coaching programs, and mentorship to other creators or entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. You can provide valuable insights, guidance, and strategies based on their own success and industry knowledge, charging fees for your services.

  4. Speaking Engagements and Workshops: Creator CEOs may monetize their influence and expertise by speaking at events, conferences, and workshops. You may share insights, stories, and lessons learned from their entrepreneurial journey, inspiring and educating audiences while earning speaker fees, income from retreats, and workshops.

  5. Brand Partnerships and Endorsements: As influential figures in their respective industries, Creator CEOs may collaborate with brands on partnerships, sponsorships, and endorsements. You may promote products or services that align with their personal brand and values, earning fees or commissions for sponsored content, brand ambassadorships, or affiliate marketing.

  6. Membership Communities: Creator CEOs may create exclusive membership communities or subscription-based platforms where members pay a recurring fee for access to premium content, resources, and community features. By offering valuable benefits and fostering a sense of belonging, you may generate recurring revenue from subscription fees.

  7. Global Events and Experiences: Hosting live events, workshops, retreats, or mastermind sessions can be a lucrative revenue stream for Creator CEOs. You may create immersive and valuable experiences for their audience, charging ticket fees or registration fees for participation in these events.

  8. Digital Media and Licensing: Creator CEOs may license their content, intellectual property, or brand assets for use in various media channels such as television, film, publishing, or digital platforms. You may earn royalties, licensing fees, or residuals from the use of their content in commercial projects or productions.

  9. Affiliate Marketing and Referral Programs: Creator CEOs may leverage their influence and audience to promote third-party products or services through affiliate marketing or referral programs. By recommending products you believe in and earning commissions on sales or referrals, you may monetize their recommendations and endorsements.

  10. Investments and Partnerships: Creator CEOs may diversify their revenue streams and generate passive income through investments in stocks, real estate, startups, or other business ventures. You may explore strategic partnerships or joint ventures with other companies to leverage resources, expand reach, and create new revenue opportunities.

By leveraging their creativity, expertise, and influence, Creator CEOs may build thriving businesses and generate multiple streams of income that align with their passions, values, and goals.

When I look back on my multi-passionate entrepreneur journey from side hustler to Creator CEO, I remember a time when I did not see or find opportunities as readily as I do now. When we transform our thinking to allow abundance in all forms, everything starts to change.

I am a Limitless Global Girl who has limitless faith and action.

How to Create No Brainer Offers

What offers have you created? What offer will you create next that your community will love?

Nothing is too small on your journey to #CREATEIT as a Creator CEO.

Start with the vision. Choose to outline and take the first step to #CREATEI

When we believe we are worthy to #CREATEIT as a Creator CEO, we transform.

What action will you take next to #CREATEIT?

Share + tag me on @katrinajuliafit @fitlifecreation #createittoday and/or tune in on the show + leave a review!




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