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Three Simple Steps to Build Your Brand with Influencers (and 10X Results)

Let's talk Three Simple Steps to Build Your Brand with Influencers and 10X Results!

What if…

What if you offered experiences to truly connect, create and cultivate?

What if influencers shared their experiences as part of your tribe?

What if you invested in not only their social exposure, but their growth?

What if you made momentum with them easily with pre to post event content?

What if you decreased or delayed cash outlay upfront with engaging experiences?

What if you developed a long term relationship with influencers with collab options?

What if you offered long-term annual collaborations with volume discounts and awards?

What if their followers got used to seeing your brand because of your relationship?

What if you promoted an entrepreneurial influencer model?

What if you offered bonuses for actual results?

What if you offered incentives like press trips, course creation and more?

Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it. How do I know?

Because I took ALL the education and experience from industries and brands served,

and we did just that.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to share it to serve others!


Want insight into our journey?

Take a peak at this article we published!

Ashley with Travellushes during our Cuba Retreat!

Let’s start creating from the beginning!

Three Simple Steps

to Build Your Brand

With Influencers

(And 10X Results)




Featured Influencers:







This can single handedly make or break your entire influencer marketing initiative or campaign.

It starts with you.

It starts with the brand.

Ask yourself would this person be a great friend to you?

Ask yourself how may you create more value and stand out?




A Win Win Win Collaboration is one where the high vibes and excitement are all around!

The influencer creates what they love, they create evergreen content, get more followers, get more engagement, the brand gets exponential results, and more people get transformed and inspired in some way!

So, how do we create and cultivate campaigns

(and how do we help influencers get selected for them?)

First, let’s get clear on the types of experience a brand may create, an influencer may create, or an influencer may create with!

Influencers featured here:





Influencer here: @mariann_yip

Take a peek at our platform here on how we do this!

This will help give you an idea of ways to create and cultivate. If you are an influencer, you may also love to create and cultivate with us so explore on what you may love!

We also help brands with opportunities to place with us and our community, as well as help them create their own platforms in house!

Ask yourself are you clear on the experiences and results you want?

Ask yourself are you doing what you love with who you love?

Ask yourself do you you create value for your community?

Ask yourself what truly is driving you with the partners you choose?


Platforms are a super powerful way to save even more time and money in your influencer marketing strategy. The more clear you get with your brand strategy, your influencers, and your campaigns, it will become super easy to create campaigns on platforms!

Here are some POWERFUL PLATFORMS you will want to explore!

  • Ninja Outreach I discovered Ninja Outreach a little over three months ago. We initially set up incredible campaigns for podcasts, speaking, plus our challenges, masterminds, and events for 2018! They offer a free listing to help you so take advantage of that PLUS a free 14 day trial!

Our biggest win on this platform so far has been Mariann Yip – Boss Babe with lifestyle, fitness, Instagram – creating, connecting and collaborating with us on Our Transformation Academy! !

  • Collabor8 - I LOVE this app! I just discovered it about five months ago. It is super easy to find ideal influencers, see their highlights, work, "request" influencers based on interest, followers, and more!

  • Rep - Rep is an another awesome app for both brands to look for influencers, and influencers to engage with brands. It is also super simple and easy to list collabs and look for brands! I really love this one because you may easily list your campaign one time and then screen influencers vs. requesting each one each time, and then copying and pasting the campaign like in Collabor8.

An amazing resource to use for both brands and influencers is Influencer Marketing Hub!

Highlight from our first influencer experience in Costa Rica with PostcardstoSeattle, The Tour Wife, and myself - Katrina Julia.

I also believe the next big waive in platforms and campaigns will be a focus on demonstrating true authentic and long term engagement on both sides aka a relationship. This then leads to massive increase return on investment with metrics shown corresponding to reach, engagement, calls to action, and sales.

I've seen it time and time again in over seven industries.

Speaking of which, let’s get into insight for you to 10X your Results!

You may learn even more with our article here and freebie guide!


Imagine what you may create…

Imagine the tribe that will grow…

Imagine sharing what they love…

Imagine the people that are inspired…

Imagine growth of know, like and trust factors….

Imagine the results….

What Was Your

Biggest Insight?

What will you do next?

Is it with...

Your Brand?

Your Experience?

Your Ideal Influencers?

Your Collaborations?

Your Platforms?

Your Cultivation?

Your Return?

Share this on your platforms.

Tag someone who would be inspired by this.

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Three Simple Steps to Build Your Brand with Influencers

(And 10X Results)!


Create. Transform. Inspire. You Were Born to.

Comment on what insight you had and share on social and tag a friend!

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