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What is Driving Your Finances? Faith or Fear?

Updated: May 14, 2019

What is Driving Your Finances?

Faith or Fear?

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Part I Intro + My Story.

Part II Dives in Deeper see all below!

I give insight into my past, transformation, how I created what I loved, and how I shifted massively in my mindset with money. I share the story and insights into scripture as well.


1) 6 Pack of Wealth

2) Spending: Old + New Habits + Tools

3) Saving: Old + New Habits + Tools

4) Investing: Old + New Habits + Ways

5) Leverage: Old + New + Ideas

6) Creation: Prior Corporate + Transitions 

7) People Pleasing Impacts When People Don't Align to Your Vision

8) Facing Fears and Insights

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