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How to Simply and Easily Start a Podcast: Tips + Tools + Tech

Updated: May 25, 2019

How to Simply and Easily Start a Podcast"

Tips + Tools + Tech

1) Tips: Get clear on what topics you want to share.

Outline the strategy and structure into themes.

Set it up with your voice and ease into features.

With features, talk to each feature at least once before, and

then record. Alternate between your voice and features.

2) Tools: Keep it ABC 123 simple.

I started with podbean and recording on QuickTime.

I did the intro video with Animoto, face to face, and voice over combo.

3) Tech: Keep it Simple!

I kept the tools above and just recently upgraded to a microphone , behind the scenes and face to face with a Canon EOSM100

Let's get into highlights and behind the scenes with Smart Social and start simple!