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Three Tips for a Firm Foundation for Your Boss Brand

You struggled with what a firm foundation is for your boss brand. You want to get more consistent, yet you aren't exactly clear on what to do and when. You pay attention to people and brands that are super consistent.

You celebrate times you are consistent and notice results. Yet, you're still feeling like you could be more consistent, but you aren't exactly sure on how to set up a firm foundation.

You feel like you have somewhat of an idea for a firm foundation. You've got examples. You tune in to brands, blogs, social media, and podcasts like this one. Yet, you're not exactly sure on the path to do it for yourself.

You're afraid of not reaching your potential and your best life. You've done the steps to get to where you are today, yet you feel like you could have a firmer foundation.

Yet, you're more afraid of not getting your story, your experience, and your brand out there so you hang on through the process.

At the same time, you're tuning into a number of sources, but wonder, are you truly listening to yourself?

You're still listening because deep down inside you know there has to be a better way to set up a firm foundation for your business. You want to go all in and at the same time you want to know the 411 to set up a firm foundation to create a life and business you love.

What if…

What if you were clear about the power of your phone from people to priority to profits?

What if you got clear on social media and how to use it to connect, create and cultivate?

What if you got clear on value creation, including social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, and more?

What if you focused on creating a life and business you love step by step?

What if you focused on the small changes that lead to big results?

Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it and live it. How do I know?

Because I took ALL the struggles and turned them into triumphs to

create a life and business I love and help others do just that.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to share it to serve others.


I will share with you my own journey with countless industries and my own experiences on becoming an entrepreneur and setting up the firm foundation myself so that you know I'm coming from a place of authenticity, integrity, and feeling what you may be feeling. I've felt the insecurity. I felt the lack of confidence. I felt the lack of clarity. I wish I would've had this perspective so much sooner on how to set up a firm foundation. But then again, then I wouldn't have been gifted or had the experience to help simplify it for you. This is my hope for you with this post. So, highlights of my story so you know I relate to creating a life and business I love, too, and setting up a firm foundation.

"I struggled with 20-40 lbs. of excess weight,

150%+ of excess spending while generating

others 7-8 figures of wealth, and losing myself."

With perseverance, I transformed from the

inside out creating a life + a business I love while inspiring others + giving back. You may read more here.

Before a Firm Foundation:

  • I was a side hustler until 2011. That was when I became a full-time entrepreneur - and sh** got real.

  • I started FIT Life Creation and v 1.0 in 2015, we had Herbalife integrated, created fundraising events, and a blog with a post to two posts a month.

  • We had high level strategy, some structure, and no systems.

  • We had 3-5 income streams.

  • We had 3-5 consistent actions per week.

  • We used 2-4 marketing methods.

  • I was still doing national speaking with a financial institution.

  • I was still doing actions misaligned with my passion and purpose.

With a Firm Foundation:

  • Fully aligned to my passion and purpose.

  • Creating a connective and creative community.

  • FIT Life Creation is now on version 10.0

  • We have strategy, structure and systems.

  • We have full marketing flow with blogs, podcast + more.

  • We have freebies to challenges and courses online.

  • We have events and retreats and academies live.

  • We have an influencer + social entrepreneur community.

  • We have > 5 lifestyle tools integrated fully.

  • We have >10 income streams.

  • We have >15 consistent actions per week.

  • We use > 8 consistent tools for business.

You may imagine the faith and mental muscle it takes to create what you love in a way that you love.

You may see that there's significant transformation in my own life, and these things take time. They did not happen overnight, and a big part of it was shifting my mindset from instant to delayed gratification and the mental muscle of that. Keeping that in mind, and let's talk about firm foundation, because the firmer you are in your mind, and the firmer you are in every area of life, and the stabler you are, the easier it is going to be to set up a firm foundation.

Let’s Create a

Firm Foundation for a

Boss Brand





This may reframe your mind to focus on the power of your phone to create a life and business you love. Many people use it as an excuse or distraction. However, when you empower yourself to control your time and your phone, you will see the power. It may be used as a command station to help you manage priorities, people, and profits. You may check your email, plan your day, and make money all while creating what you love with freedom.


How do you plan your day? How do you set up priorities? How do you serve people?


Focus Matrix app is an amazing tool to help with priorities.

Moment app will help you track screen time effectively.

It is amazing now how we can profit with things on our phones. For example, our entire Fit Life Creation platform is on mobile. We are going to be working on an app this year into next year with tons of freebies as well, because a lot of people are in apps. We have opt-ins that create value upfront. So whether it's a seven-day challenge like what we've created, a monthly mastermind, or a course, or whether you're a Herbalife coach ... or you are an influencer, entrepreneur, travel blogger, side hustler, or manage a brand! We also integrate lifestyle tools like: Herbalife #1 Global Nutrition into everything we do so people get a taste test and exposed to more opportunities as an entrepreneur. That goes to anything that you're doing as an entrepreneur or brand!

So, those are some things that you could do, too!

That helps you get some insight and asking yourself in that arena, when you think about people, priorities and profits, how much time do you spend on your phone?

So here's some questions you can ask yourself:

1) How much time are you spending on your phone that's non-value added?

2) What people are you connecting with that are not adding value to your life into your day?

3) How are your priorities arranged?

4) Are you really prioritizing your time on your phone?

Be honest with yourself and your team. It helps you to really face yourself in the mirror and hold yourself accountable. There are so many ways to connect, create, and cultivate.

Photo Credit: Brock Photos Atlanta


Let's talk connections, creation, and cultivation. That is what social media is. It is another form of word of mouth and much more. So if you look at ours or my personal social media platforms, it all took time.

It took trying new things - from lifestyle, fitness, travel, lays - inspiration to transformation flow - to learning from tons of different photographers, photoshoots, bloggers, brands, and influencers.

I've done fitness and lifestyle photoshoots with Brett, Michael Neveux to name a few. I've learned from bloggers like Travellushes, Social Girl Traveler, and Mariann Yip. I've been a student of Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson. I am a forever student.

I've invested energy, time, and money in multiple directions.

So here's some questions you can ask yourself:

1) What are you sharing that connects, creates, and cultivates?

2) How intentional are you with social and across platforms?

3) Where may people find you easily and effortlessly?

4) How do you set up your intros and captions?

5) How do you help people transform + inspire?

6) What new value could you offer?

7) What freebies could you create?

8) What could you focus on for the next 30 days?

We also have a free webinar on social media in a day that you can access on our freebies link as well. That would be super helpful. I share several different tools that I use to automate social media included in that!


Let's talk value creation. Many of you probably already noticed, I was talking about this directly and indirectly in the prior two ways. As we increased our foundation, I increased value creation. How did I do that, and how can you do that too. First, I have been wired like this for a long time. I wouldn't need bosses in the past to push me to a deadline. I would set a project to solve a problem and propose a value and return on investment. With a team, I would take it to 1000% - 10000% ROI. I am big on ramping up investment with proven results. This has served me and countless others well.

As I observed, I realized the incredible power of press and relationship through blogs. So, I set out on creating blogs. You might really love to tune in and take a peek at In a Day Course video under programs because one of the things I teach and some of the tools I talk about his blogs and how to create them in a day. We list our blog on over three platforms alone! Bloglovin' is a free incredible tool we started listing on a few months ago! Another great way to connect is through Podcast! We use Quicktime and Podbean and keep it super simple!

With websites, I use wix and kajabi! We also teach these hands-on in our masterminds, events, and academies!

Then, another way for you to create value and credibility is to be a guest feature on different platforms. I've been a guest feature for many industries and resources and a keynote speaker. Some examples include: Fitness MBA, American Institute of CPAs and business plans.

So here's some questions you can ask yourself:

1) How do you want to firm up your foundation?

2) How do you want to be more consistent?

a) It could be with blogs, with websites, with podcasts, with guests features?

3) How do you want to connect with people?

4) How do you want to create with people?

5) How do you want to share your message?

6) How do you want time, freedom, and leverage?


Imagine what you may transform…

Imagine the results that will grow…

Imagine feeling progress easily…

Imagine the people that are inspired…

Imagine the inspiration in your life….

Imagine the results….

Now that we’ve set up

three ways for a firm foundation for a boss brand

we hope you continue to create with us

in the community with our all in one lifestyle

(health, wealth, business)!

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