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Mapping Adventures with the Travel & Adventure Show

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

In today's social media world, it's easier than ever to get ideas for your bucket list, see the latest travels of your favorite travelers, and develop a serious case of wanderlust. If you are ready to be more than a window shopper, you have likely run across Travel & Adventure Show.

You may attend personal development, conferences and shows like I do. The travel bug may have already sunken its teeth into you too. I've always loved to learn and explore. My love of travel started with being exposed to travel before I was even born.

If Instagram, or the term travel blogger, existed in the 90's, that would have been me back then. Each summer in elementary and middle school, I traveled abroad to visit family in Poland and explore from there. As a traveler early in life, I recognized how much I grew from the exposure of culture, experienced and people from different countries.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, I integrate travel into all I do, whether it is a staycation, media experience, and/or our hands-on transformational retreats. I choose to invest in events and shows regularly. I believe there is nothing like a live event. I've attended events with Strategic Coach, Dani Johnson, Herbalife Global Nutrition, Brendon Burchard, and Travel Blogger Exchange to name a few.

So, when I learned about Travel & Adventure Show in Atlanta in 2020, it was a show I wanted to attend with lovers of travel, global travel bureaus and experiences.

Isla Mujeres
Isla Mujeres

About the Show

.Travel & Adventure Show the #1 Series of Travel Shows in the US is going in to its 15th year in 2020 with >84 events connecting over 1.75 million travel lovers and >4,000 travel related brands. John Golicz, the CEO and his team are hosting coast to coast in Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Dallas in 2020.

2021 cities and dates are released as well including San Diego, Boston, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. You may explore thousands of destinations around the world, meet one on one with travel experts, and learn from celebrity travelers like Samantha Brown, Josh Gates, and more!

Learning from entrepreneurs who created their own shows and a life and business they love?

Yes, sign me up please! I reached out to be a media attendee and heard back from the public relations team shortly their after including a potential media preview and possibilities of interviews on-site. Win!

My Travels

I love to travel. It sets my soul on fire. I have traveled to 27+ countries already with a goal of 100+ including a trip to all 7 continents in 2021-2022. Another way I integrate my love of travel in my life and business is hosting transformational retreats globally with community.

Costa Rica Retreat
Costa Rica Retreat

Mapping My Adventures Out for Travel & Adventure Show

Mapping my adventures for the show included looking through the speaker schedule, activities and exhibitions. My mom has talked about Samantha Brown and her show for years so I am super excited to see her at the show.

My day will start off with a media preview for 45 min at Cobb Energy Center with the show. After the preview, I am attending Samantha Brown's session 10:30-11:30.

Keep in mind this is Atlanta's schedule.

Travel Smart: Lessons Learned From a Life Lived on the Road

Travel Show Exhibits

The Travel & Adventure Show features numerous experiences and exhibits from travel bureaus to brands. I love to connect with people in real life for many reasons. I plan on visiting them for travel, media and retreat purposes.

I plan on swinging by between 11:45 to 1:30 p.m. Some of the booths at the show include Turkish Airlines, Miami Tourism Bureau and Photo Experience, and Bahamas. What I love to do as well for conferences and shows is look at the exhibitor map so I may map out which booths I'll visit in what order to be efficient and save time.

I am both a planner and spontaneous and will be sharing a recap of the show afterwards as well.

Adventure Awaits!

The next session I am attending in Atlanta is Adventure Awaits with Josh Gates, Explorer, Host of Discovery Channel’s Expedition Unknown. He travels 200+ days of the year, has a family and is a host of multiple shows. Can't wait to learn from him too!

Cruising for Adventure

Cruising is a way of travel I enjoy as well. My first cruise was a week in Egypt on the Nile in 2002 with my mom when I graduated from undergrad. It was a 200+ smaller river cruise. I loved having our things on a ship like a moving home and exploring daily.

My second cruise was on the Royal Caribbean leaving from Venice. My parents and I went on a cruise after my brother's wedding exploring Venice, Italy; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Kusadasi, Turkey; Corfu, Greece; and Santorini, Greece. The experience is incredible cruising. I am definitely doing it again, and returning to Santorini for sure!

The third session I'll attend includes Robin Washington with Royal Caribbean. I am excited to learn from Ms. Washington as well.

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

My goal is to experience over 100 countries before I die. I am well on my way reaching over 25 already. In each place I visit, I easily experience over 10 new things usually. You may love my transform and travel: In a Day series, like Mexico.

Patricia Schultz, Best Selling Author of 1,000 Places to See Before You Die will be doing a session and autograph signing. She highlights Petra, Jordan; Istanbul, Turkey; Monument Valley, Arizona; Antartica; Whitsundays, Australia; Pyramids of Egypt; and Kyoto, Japan naming a few.

Mapping Adventures

Mapping adventures help us awaken passion and purpose. Start mapping adventures for your travel show or your next trip.

Learning and exploring at live events helps you connect and create community. Traveling the world transforms you from the inside out expanding your horizons, boundaries, and borders.

Will you attend a show or live event coming up? What will you take action on in the next 90 days? Are you planning your next adventure?

If you love adventures, you'll love our adventures in our Airbnb Adventure.


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