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Amazing Adventures with Ordinary People with @Coleman_Concierge and Jenn

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The epitome of Amazing Adventures, Multi-Passionate, Adventurous Background, Overcomer, prior skier, injury to spa, Moved to Arizona, met her husband, + believe in Transformative Power of Travel Her passion lies in believing the transformative power of you, your travels, and amazing adventures

We talk about how we connected via BloggerBridge, stories, her highlights with being a wife, mindset, overcoming, pivotal moments, building their blog, and much more!

Amazing Adventures with Ordinary People with Jenn of

We will get into:

1) Welcome + Highlights 2) Her Story + Early Influences 3) Her Adventures with Skiing 4) Pivotal Moments of Pain

(and how she defied doctors over 10 years with her knees)

5) Identify Shifting +

Where to truly find your identity

6) Shifts from Skiing to Spa 7) Shifts from Spa to Travel + Blogging 8) Mindset + Entrepreneurship 9) What's Next in Her Journey

10) Final Thoughts

We hope you love to create a community with us!



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