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Feature with Fatima + Beto: Transformers, Community Creators, Fit Nutrition 4 U Club Owners with Her

Updated: May 25, 2019

Time to Transform Feature

Transformers, Community Drivers, Entrepreneurs, FIT Nutrition 4 U Club Owners, Herbalife Nutrition + Club Feature with Fatima and Beto!

........Feature Spotlight

We talk all things on mindset, vision, transformation, lifestyle, nutrition and more with

Heriberto and Fatima of FIT Nutrition 4 U!

Fatima and Beto talk about the journey, transformation, vision, learning about Herbalife Nutrition (#1 Global Nutritional Brand at a young age), being nutrition club owners, community creators, trips to Puerto Rico, soon to be parents and more!

We will get into:

1 Fatima and Beto's Journey

2 How We Connected via Atlanta Success Training Seminars with Herbalife in Atlanta

3 Their Transformations from Inside Out

4 Mindset, Transformation and Vision

5 Power of Social Media and more!

Let's create, transform and inspire!


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