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Time to Transform: 4th Quarter 2018

Let's talk Time to Transform:

4th Quarter 2018 + 90 Day Plan

What if…

What if you focused on seven steps every day?

What if you amped up your energy, drive and action?

What if you truly lived every day like it was your last?

What if you served exponentially online + live to help others?

Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it. How do I know?

Because I took ALL the education and experience from industries and brands served,

and we did just that.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to share it to serve others!

Let’s start creating from the beginning!

Time to Transform:

4th Quarter 2018

90 Day Plan





This sets the stage not only for the present moment, but the momentum and results you will see in 2019 and beyond.

It starts with you.

It starts with your belief.

It starts with your drive.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

What are you doing daily?

How do you show up?

How are you challenging yourself?

How are you rising up to the challenges?

What are you doing to be an example?

How could you close the year off strong?

Examples of What I am + We are Doing:

Morning Routines of Positive I Am Statements, Gratitude, Journaling, Prayer, Reflections

Outlining the Day by Seven Steps to Success (From Spiritual to Financial)

Focusing on Passion + Purpose with Community, Content, and Courses

Limitless Leverage and Outreach to Plant Seeds and Make Momentum

Many relate fourth quarters to Sports.

Who am I to disappoint you?

How about I show you to motivate you?

You will see what is possible in a fourth quarter!

Inspiration to Show What is Possible

I strongly believe in creating a life and business you love.

I also believe you have the power to co-create daily.

Every small shift equates massive momentum over time.

I relate to this on a number of levels as I reinvented myself in a number of ways

(losing over 55 lbs, transforming my wealth, and creating a life and business I love).

At the same time, I incorporated and integrated my history, struggles, and skills.


A few years ago as I began to transform every area of my life, I realized how important each and every step is. Not only that, but the importance of taking action consistently.

The Seven Steps include:








Tune in to the video and podcast to get the 411 on my current Seven Steps to Success.

I share the 1-3 actions in each area.

You may also explore the related posts for the prior 90 day plan, and more useful posts and resources to help you create a life and business you love!

So, what do I share and why?

I share creation, transformation, and inspiration.

I share health, wealth, business, travel, community.

These are things that are important to me and by sharing it keeps me accountable to keep living towards potential, being an example, and serving others.

These are also things that directly relate to who I am and the behind the scenes to FIT Life Creation and what we offer to help people. It is intentional and integrated.

Take a peek at our platform here on how we do this!

Tune in to your

Seven Steps to Success...with Part 3!

This will help give you an idea of ways to create and cultivate. If you are an influencer, you may also love to create and cultivate with us so explore on what you may love!

Part 3: 90 DAY PLAN

We are all imperfectly perfect. Hello - it is called being human. Yet, many of us are incredibly hard on ourselves. We plague ourselves with fear, shame, and guilt more than anyone else ever could.

It is time to start celebrating progress, and getting back up when we learn. When we practice new habits we are forging new neural pathways (As well as shifting old ones). Give yourself a break!

So, with this in mind - don't quit on day 1 or day 15 or day 30 because your "day" wasn't as "perfect" as what you "thought" it should be. Learn from it. Learn what you would do better. Then, do better.

The key is to NOT QUIT.


What are 1-3 actions you could take daily in each area of your life?








No action is too small.

Give yourself credit.


Imagine what you may transform...

Imagine your every day...

Imagine your fourth quarter...

Imagine creating what you love…

Imagine serving those you love...

Imagine the results….

What Was Your

Biggest Insight?

What will you do next?

Is it with...

Your 4th QUARTER?


Your 90 DAY PLAN?

Share this on your platforms.

Tag someone who would be inspired by this.

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Create. Transform. Inspire. You Were Born to.

Comment on what insight you had and share on social and tag a friend!


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