• Katrina Julia

How to Create Confidence so you Live a Life and Business You Love

Let’s talk confidence and creating a life and business you love.

So many times we talk ourselves out of something just as fast as we had the thought of creating something magical.

Better yet, we feel we should have something before we’ve even done the necessary work or allowed enough time to pass.

Or how many times have you

found yourself “annoyed” at something

or entitled to something from someone just because you want it now or maybe giving up because "it" didn't happen "soon" enough?

Anyone else relate? I know I do. I know I’ve been all of these scenarios in various parts and times of my life. I know that I am extremely conscious any time I am

A) Playing small

B) Demanding instant gratification

C) Forgetting where I came from or how I may help serve someone

D) Quitting perhaps too soon

With practice and time, it is possible to shift and/or eradicate these thoughts. However, be clear the more you raise your passion, purpose, and potential, new layers arrive to peal away often times.

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying…

Who Am I to…

Go to X

Try X

Be X

Feel X

Create X


It hasn’t happened yet so it won’t

It isn’t happening “fast” enough

They aren’t interested, they never will be

It is a waste of my time because I don’t see a direct result yet

How can they not see how much I am worth

Now granted sometimes it is time to shift, learn or reevaluate. Simply, reflect on the heart of the matter.


How could they not see x

How come they don’t understand

Why aren’t they clear about x