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How to Activate Abundance

Do you feel like you are more than enough?

Do you feel like you have more than enough?

Or do you feel like something is lacking?


Activating Abundance is key to all areas of life.


So are you curious on activating abundance?

This is key to the success of your life, of your business, and really, really feeling like there's more than enough, that there's abundance all around. I'm going to walk you through some of the practices that I do as well as point you back to some of the modules or the activities we cover in the Club and Academy (you may try it out and create with us in the FREE 14 Day Challenge!


1) Reflect Wealth

One way I'll activate abundance and feelings of more than enough, I'll reflect in the space that I'm in right now, this is the lounge of the place where I live. So I'll literally look around and think "Wow." There's so much abundance around me.

Look at this beautiful space. Look at this beautiful kitchen.

Look at this beautiful access that I have.

I literally manifested this space because two years before, this complex even existed. I was literally speaking it into existence that I need a space where I can have events. I need a space where I can tape. I need a space where I can create a community. Literally you guys, less than two years later, this property was built. I also saved over $400 a month on rent. It was crazy amazing to see that happen.

2) Release Control

I'll ask questions like, "What would it take for X?"

What would it take for me to generate a hundred thousand dollars this month?

What would it take for me to generate a million dollars in a month?

Literally, it's asking yourself those kinds of questions.

What would it take for me to be the highest vibration possible? So it's all kinds of questions in all kinds of different arenas. But it's focused on a mindset and focusing yourself on a mindset of, "I am more than enough. And I have more than enough."

Everything that you have is already inside. This goes back to unleashing inspiration, the activities on passion, purpose, people, profits, on how passion plus purpose equals profits (free activity)!.


If some of you haven't experienced it, I actually have freebies on this very exact topic that talks about all that you love, everything you've overcome, all your gifts, talents, and abilities, and where, and who, and how you want to impact.

Those all contribute to the feelings of more than enough, walking in that vibe, walking into your vision, walking into what you believe is possible for you.


In Crazy Confidence, we're going to be getting into beliefs, mindset, feelings, and action. These all impact shifting your circumstances towards creating a life and business you love.


Creating Crazy Confidence will help you Activate Abundance



Crazy Confidence: Video + Free 14 Day Challenge



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