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How to Tame Time

Do you struggle with how to really and truly manage time?

Do you struggle with the ways you spend your days, your weeks, and your months?

Does time seem to simply fly by, and you feel like you haven't made the progress you want?

I know I've been there.


Taming Time is here to help you get the results in life you want.


1) Spend

How do you spend your time? We often "let time get away from us". That is the most dangerous thing we may do is sleep walk through life.

How are you spending your time every day across the seven areas of your life?

That's spiritual, mental, emotional,

relational, physical, playful and financial.

There is proven insight in we're wired for progress and we're wired for potential. If you're actively making progress every single day in those seven areas, it's going to feel like time's flying by (in a great way) because you're going to feel super excited.