• Katrina Julia

Transformation Challenge 2

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We are sharing a new series to help you jump start transformation and create a life and biz you love!

I am including insight into exactly how I focus each and every day on what I call the

Seven Steps to Success!

This includes:








Each and every time we do the feature, you will jump start in new ways!

I recommend you do it in a week to get the most transformation + inspiration!

You will then start to see step by step how to shift and do all seven areas daily!

I currently focus on 3 steps in each area, what I call my 3X7 focus.

In this Transformation Challenge, we will highlight:

1) Spirit Strong 2) Mental Magic 3) Elevate Energy

4) Transformation Time 5) Playtime

6) Financial Fun

7) Create Community

We recommend you focus on each area day by day!

We hope you love to create community with us!