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Believe Your Way to Bad Ass with Celeste Rains-Turk

Updated: May 14, 2019

Feature with Celeste Rains - Turk

Entrepreneur, Coach, Best Selling Author of Believe Your Way to Bad Ass, NPC Bikini Competitor,

Podcast Host: Confessions of a Bikini Pro, Featured on Thrive + Countless Other Publications + Podcasts Celeste is on a mission to help others start Building More than Just a Body by emphasizing the importance of self-love, confidence, mindset, wellness development, behavior change modification planning, and long term success strategies all coming together with the proper training and nutrition programs.

........Feature Spotlight

We talk how we connected via Team Edge, and both competing in 2018, and setting up an Instagram group!  Believing Your Way to Bad Ass 

We will get into:

1) Welcome + Highlights 2) Foundation and Family 3) Mindset and Transformation 4) Believe Your Way to Bad Ass 5) Passion + Purpose + Vision

6) Daily Practices 

7) Her Focus from Health to Mindset to Competitors 8) Now, Then How 9) Vision for the Future 10) Freedom for Your Life Connect with Celeste!