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  • Katrina Julia

The Steps to Ultimate Transformation in Health I Wealth I Business

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

You know that there is more for you to be, do and have. You know deep down inside there is more for you than what you experience daily today. You want to transform health, wealth, and business yet you don't know where to start. You want the steps to ultimate transformation in health, wealth and business.

You want to create a life and business you love. You want a community to connect, create, and cultivate with. You want to transform and travel.

It's easy to see why Global Wellness economy is a. $4.2 Trillion industry and why it continues to grow.. You want lifestyle, community, and for some of you - entrepreneurship.

There's plenty of ways to transform. Yet, what I learned in my own transformation story and losing over 55 lbs five years ago and keeping it off, is the simpler you make it the better. The more you set yourself up for success with a system and solutions, the faster you get results.

Follow the steps to ultimate transformation in health, wealth, and business. It will plant the seed,, and help you get clear on what step is next for you.

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These are the Ultimate Steps to Transformation in Health, Wealth, and Business for creating a life, business, and community you love.

The Woman or Man in the Mirror

If you are connecting with me and us for the first time with FIT Life Creation, I have tried countless solutions (like many of us to getting healthy and happy). What finally worked was when I

a) Got real with myself

b) Set up solutions and simplicity

The picture on the left was 2008 at age 30 - during my first executive role in Corporate in an Oil + Gas Company. I was not practicing healthy habits fully. Yes, I did athletic events and worked out fairly regularly. However, my food and alcohol intake was nowhere near stable.

The picture on the right was 2014 at age 36 - my first fitness show. (I've now done three going on my fourth). Here my health habits were completely healthy (and continue to be). I had not consumed alcohol at this point for 7+ months. I had eaten very healthy with all nutrients in alignment with protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. I set myself up for success in every way with #1 Global Nutrition - Herbalife, Meal Bags, and meal prep. I even traveled at least a week each month during this time and continued to stay at 100% with food + workouts.

Since 2014, I have continued to transform myself from the inside out including a come back form a broken foot surfing in 2016 among other life challenges.

Disclaimer: average consumer who uses Herbalife loses .5 to 1 lb a week. The 55 lbs I lost took a year and a half. Herbalife Nutrition has weight loss products and supplements, athletic line, skin care and hair care, and kids nutrition. They are in >95 countries, for over 35+ years, with nobel laureate on the board, and sponsor top athletes like Cristiano Renaldo.

Let's talk about the steps to ultimate transformation in health, wealth, and business. I will share what I did step by step to help you. I will ask questions about habits to help you face the woman or man in the mirror.

#1 Alcohol Intake

Do you currently consume alcohol >3 times a week (input # of drinks you have each time)?

This is not only misaligned to the goal of getting healthier, it is hurting your wallet too. At an average of $10 a pop multiple that by the # of drinks you have weekly. That debt you want to pay off - yes going down your throat. That vacation you can't seem to go on - in the alcohol or the eating out likely.

In 2010, I drank 2-4 times a month and 2-3 drinks each time. In 2011, I trained for two half marathons and completed them. As a result, I drank maybe 1-2 times a month. In 2012, this continued to decrease to perhaps red wine once a month usually. In 2013, it stayed at typically 1-2 times a month until the end of the year.

When my best friend Janelle got sick with cancer and passed away, it shifted everything. I ran a triathlon in her honor in DC. I took a good honest look at my health and entire life. I decided to start training for my first fitness show in July of 2014. I cut out alcohol entirely for over a year. I had two classes of red wine in 2014 when my friend Angela came to visit. The next morning, I felt like a truck ran over me. I decided then and there no more.

I decided with what I stood for and wanted to stand for - as an example of transformation - that alcohol was completely out of alignment. It was not only not good for my health or wealth, it also didn't line up with the integrity of my helping others transform. It was the last drink I took. That choice was 5 years ago this fall.

#2 Coffee Dependency

Do you currently drink coffee >3 times a week with dairy? Do you feel like you "need it"?

Ladies and gentleman - any form of low energy or cravings indicates you are or we are nutrient deficient in protein, complex carbs, healthy fats and/or simply not eating enough.

For example, if you occasionally drink coffee because you love the taste - okay great! I love my Herbalife Protein coffee!!! However, if you go to Starbucks twice a day to get a "fix", it's a whole different story. You know what it is with you.

#3 Sweet or Salty Cravings

Do you have sweets or salty treats >3 times a week? Do you crave either or both?

Your body is giving you signals. Ask yourself if you are eating protein every meal, complex carbs 1-2 times a day, and healthy fats at least a few times a week. Are you eating regularly e.g. every 3 hours?

If not, these are cravings that are signaling you that your body is "out of balance". I have not had any cravings for over 5 years at all. I gave up sweets over 3 years ago. I used to love Tiramisu but when I. had it 3 years ago after not having it for a year, it was overwhelmingly sweet for me.

Our taste buds like anything else may change. I realized with how healthy I now choose to eat, foods I used to resonate with no longer align in any way.

Now, I regularly treat myself with smoothie bites and bowls!

#4 Eating Consistently

Do you eat every 3 hours? Do you consume protein in every meal?

We talked about habits you may want to decrease. Now, let's talk about habits you want to increase. To help your brain adjust to change, it helps to change and replace habits.

As a result, as you eat less sweets, you want to focus on meal prep to help you eat consistently. Make sense? When, I first started I added two Herbalife shakes a day and a Beverage mix snack. In the first month, I lost 15 lbs. Clearly before I was not eating enough.

Our bodies will often hold on to weight because it feels like we are starving it. (I am certified in Fitness + Sports Nutrition as well). I thought about becoming a Registered Dietician (RD). I love to learn! I got accepted into University of Alabama's program in 2015 and completed a semester with A's.

However, I realized I am happy with a certification and didn't have a want or need to go to school for 6+ more years in formal education + an internship. I love the education I've gotten in undergrad, grad school, certifications. I constantly immerse myself in events and entrepreneurship.

I am huge on speaking things into existence (Prov 18:21) and repeatedly say if I need an RD for a situation or client, one will align.

Back to eating! When, I first started eating consistently I took it up a notch and started doing meal prep officially on Sundays. This helped set myself up for success. I got a meal bag to carry my meals with me (we include this in our retreats + academies!)

Now, for the most part I keep certain staples in my home to set myself up for success like Herbalife Nutrition, egg whites, oatmeal, black beans, peanut butter, and sandwich thins. I consistently use my meal bags still!

Ask yourself, what would work for you to set yourself up for success? You may want to check out the Ultimate Health Guide I mentioned in freebies. You may love our 7 day challenge or monthly mastermind that includes tools too!

#5 Hydration Hydration

Do you drink >8 glasses of water? Do you carry a water bottle with you?

Most people are walking around severely dehydrated. If you are and you add alcohol and/or coffee, this is adding to the situation. Often times people may think they are hungry or craving something, when all you need is water!

You will feel mentally clearer as well to tackle your health, wealth, and business opportunities for growth with great health!

Think about ways to add more water daily. How about carrying a water bottle? How about making water with fruit at home? These are some of the things I do!