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Clutter to Clarity: Courage to Create What You Love

Let's talk Clutter to Clarity: Courage to Create What You Love

What if…

What if you shifted focus externally and internally?

What if clearing clutter became a daily practice?

What if you focused on faith vs. fear?

What if you practiced the courage to create?

What if you increased compassion for yourself and others?

Imagine the return…

Imagine the results…

It is possible to create it. How do I know?

Because I took ALL the education and experience from industries and brands served,

and we did just that.

How did we do it?

I figured it was time to share it to serve others!

Let’s start creating from the beginning!

Clutter to Clarity:

Courage to Create What You Love






This sets the stage for what you will focus on and if you will keep going.

If we focus on fear it is easy to quit vs. focusing on learning in the process of life.

It starts with you.

What do you focus on?

How quick do you give up?

What do you try?

Are you reflecting on abundance?

What technology do you implement?

Do you share limitless possibilities?

I relate to this on a number of levels as I reinvented myself in a number of ways (losing over 55 lbs, transforming my wealth, and creating a life and business I love). At the same time, I incorporated and integrated my history, struggles, and skills. You may see more here.

Leap or you won't fly.

Here is a video on highlights on creating pop ups overseas.

Shot with my Tripod on my Canon


In the world we live in today, clearing clutter becomes more important to increase clarity. Yes, this is physical e.g. closet, house, files, car. It is also internal.

The clutter we create internally e.g. chaos, confusion shows up in our external world.

So, what could this look like?

This could be not asking for clarity when we don't understand.

This could be not simplifying when we could.

This could be not asking for help when we just might not need it.

This could be believing we are worthy and deserving of creating what we love (and making money!)

We all have a choice to allow something to defeat us or rise above it.

I share in the video on overcoming internally compassion towards self and others. Like many of us, I am very hard on myself and compassion is something I have gotten to learn (and patience).

So, what do I share and why?

I share creation, transformation, and inspiration. I share health, wealth, business, travel, community. These are things that are important to me. These are also things that directly relate to who I am and the behind the scenes to FIT Life Creation and what we offer to help people. It is intentional and integrated.

Take a peek at our platform here on how we do this!

Shot with my Tripod on my Canon


Do you create regularly? What ways are you expressing yourself? How do you share yourself? What is the last original thing you created?

Years ago, I had the tapes playing in my mind of "not worthy" to create for myself. "Not deserving" to be and do what I love. This is something that step by step I am overcoming as I share gifts, talents, and abilities so I may definitely relate.

At the same time, I embrace it. It is a gift to learn how to be courageous and vulnerable and relate to others who don't view themselves like that yet, or judge you like they judge themselves.

How could you be more courageous and create what you love?

Video shot by me on my Apple + edited with Splice App.


Imagine what you may transform...

Imagine who you may inspire...

Imagine focusing on faith…

Imagine clearing clutter...

Imagine courage to create...

Imagine choosing compassion...

Imagine the results….

What Was Your

Biggest Insight?

What will you do next?

Is it with...





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