• Katrina Julia

90 Day Plan: April - June 2018

I've been doing 90 Day Plan's faithfully now for over a year. I also review them daily, and weekly.

I thought I would start sharing these! I was inspired by Melyssa Griffin sharing her yearly plans and income reports!

I've gotten feedback from countless people that this is a hard thing for them to do. I've always loved goal setting, and had a brief period as an entrepreneur when I got away from them.

I remembered (thank god) how much I did them and loved them working for others (and hit them and exceeded them with consistent results of 6-8 figures annually.)

The opportunity I had was integrating ALL areas of life -

anyone else relate?

As a result, I implemented them faithfully in 2016!

It has been a process to integrate every area of life (and continues to be as I grow!)

Here’s what I’m working toward for my current 90 Day Plan: April - June…

Want to listen - tune in to the podcast!

You will find in my goal setting, I focus on all areas of life. I call them the Seven Steps to Success.

Years ago, I made the mistake or lessons learned on only focusing on 1-2 areas of life.

What would happen would be a massive neglect in other areas. I've learned I am happiest when I focus on ALL areas.

Granted, during some periods specific areas will take more time depending on shifts that are happening.


1. Daily Prayer, Meditation, Reiki, and Sound Bath's.

I've been praying consistently now since 2011. Meditation has been consistent for over 2 years, and has been a game changer to clear clutter in my mind. I added in energy and Reiki last year, and have noticed major shifts in my vibes. I read about Sound Bath's and the power of sound to heal. I added this in during meditation about six months ago.

2. Complete Whisper's of Hope Bible Study by Beth Moore.