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From Corporate to Calling: Transformation in All Forms

Imagine reaching the pinnacle of what people told you success was. The corporate finance job, the six figure income, and all the stuff money could buy – years of hard work - and realizing you left out the most important parts of you – your spirit and soul.


How would that feel?


That's exactly what happened to me five years ago.

At first, there was a few nudges in 2010. For the first time in my life, saying no to more money – 1.5 times my salary – because it didn’t feel right. Then another nudge from an intern that worked for me that opened me up to the possibility of teaching as an adjunct professor so I could be free. Then, a few projects that came my way giving me more intuition and answer to prayer it was time to go. I left corporate America in 2011 knowing I wouldn’t return. I had no idea what was coming.


So, why would I do such a thing? One word: Limitless.


At first, I did consulting for clients for finance and business, and taught at Georgia State as an adjunct Accounting Professor. My passions and purpose had been ignored for so long they didn’t show up right away. I had to get quiet, to reflect, and most importantly of all to get my health right so my mind would be clear.

After years of a yo-yo life in health, wealth, and biz, I had tried so many ways to lose weight I had almost given up. In 2013, Herbalife (#1 Global Nutritional Company) found me and I lost 15 lbs. and kept it off easily. I then decided to do an Olympic Distance Triathlon, and clients started coming to me for coaching. I decided to get certified in Nutrition with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Clients started coming to me left and right simply from sharing my transformation on social media.


I felt split in two.


On one side, I had this consulting company. On, the other I was a coach. Have you ever been there?

I knew I had to go within and gain clarity.


I then faced an earth shattering event.


One of my best friends from college, who we had started non – profits together, companies together, traveled the world together, and countless other memories was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer like Signet Ringlet Carcinoma – barely a 5% survival rate within five years. Janelle was the epitome of unconditional love. I knew this would have a massive impact on countless lives.

I flew to see her in September of 2013 immediately when I found out. Never fathoming that would be the last time I saw her alive. She passed December 21 of that year. If you’ve ever lost someone, and feel powerless to do anything other than pray, you know exactly how I felt. I began to question who I was at that moment. Where was the girl with the infinite possibilities in college? The girl who loved creating a life she loved with ALL she loved? How had I allowed myself to conform to what other people wanted? Losing a lot of myself in the process?


My passions started to return like a waterfall in 2014. A love for our creator grew as I sought spiritual growth, believing in love, energy healings, fitness, travel, writing, giving back and more. It was overwhelming at first. This then turned to a unquenchable desire for limitless growth.


One of the first passions to surface after Janelle’s death was a high school dram of competing in bikini shows resurfaced. Gasp – a prior Corporate Exec, Accountant, on stage in a bikini?! Would I dare? OH. Hell. Yes. I researched lots of teams and found the incredible Team Edge. In July, 2014, I competed in my first National Physique Committee Show in Vegas and placed fourth. I lost over 40 lbs. from the beginning of 2013. For the first time in my life, I began to sustain the transformation. I was beyond blown away and grateful.


I did another show in 2015 with a client of mine as well in San Diego, and plan to compete again in 2017 or early 2018! This then led to countless more clients coming for transformation.

My transformation business grew 25 times in 2014.

In 2015, I began to step back as I felt torn in two and conflicted. I could feel I was still not being true to who I was with a consulting company on one side, and a transformation coaching business on the other. Then, the vision came to me to create a one stop lifestyle transformation company in health, wealth, and business. All in one.


Gulp. Gasp. Catapulted into the next level of life once again.


At the time, I was looking at various models or examples of transformation businesses. I couldn’t find one that had combined multiple aspects of spiritual, practical, strategic, and the How-To all in one. I realized I would get to pull from the 10+ industries I had worked with and consulted to create a new model. I had no idea the sacrifices that would come. I realized up to that point, I had it easy in life.


My question to you is -

what would you sacrifice to become all you were made to be?


I chose this time to sacrifice it all – sex, food, toxic friendships, finances, time. Any and everything. I thought – I gave part of myself before – and look at the blessings that I had. Imagine.


What If. What Could Life Look Like if I Gave my ALL?


In 2016, right when the strategy of the brand was clear, and I started to get clear on the structure, I broke my foot surfing (crashed into shore after my very first ride). This, literally grounded me to get focused. As I was building the brand, I was supplementing my income with teaching financial workshops. I realized I had also spiraled so excitedly into building the brand, I didn’t initially maintain the momentum of money! Whelp.

I know this sounds weird, but breaking my foot was such a blessing. It really gave me focus and grounding. I thought – wait a minute – I build brands into 6+ 7+ figures. Why can’t I do it for myself? So often, we undermine our own value. I then began to get focused on the structure, and developed an influencer marketing strategy with our retreats. Last year, we launched Costa Rica and this year experienced the amazing Cuba!


Last year, my word was “focus”. Now, it's "Believe"


I realized I needed to apply the same accountability I have my clients do. This meant daily Key Performance Indicator Trackers, Goals + Actions, Seven Steps to Success, Business Plan, Status Reports, and Scalability.

into this year, I have been experiencing massive shifts in abundance blocks and clearing. I realized looking back – part of my journey has been to let any entrepreneur know – work on your abundance blocks FIRST or in the beginning. It will make things so much easier. Hold yourself accountable, or get a coach very early on. We are not trained to be entrepreneurs for the most part unless you had parents that were successful and life balanced entrepreneurs.


Now, every single day I do what I love. From challenges to programs to retreats and academies, helping people that I love get healthy, make money, and build brands.

Over the last year, I’ve been to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cuba – and next year is Brazil. I’ve gotten to work with amazing transformers, purpose driven people, bloggers, travelers, and more. I’m focused on building locally in Atlanta as a pilot and digitally, and next year we are headed to Brazil and who knows where else or what else will come up?


My life has drastically transformed in every area. I’m on the path to becoming debt free as the combination of prior debt and massive worthiness and money blocks initially slowed me down (which is why I highly recommend clear your blocks and work on your mindset as early as possible).

I’m not sure where this incredible journey of life will lead me, but I now know every day I am creating a life I love + transforming + giving back so others may do the same. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey.


Here are four ways you may gain clarity on your passion and purpose.


1. Pursue Passion

What do you love? When was the last time you wrote those things down? Have you separated passion from your purpose? Have you subconsciously decided you can’t make money with your passions?

It is true what they say. When you love what you do, it starts to flow from you effortlessly. To the point, you would do it for free. There are many stories from us entrepreneurs that will say there are times where you even pay to do what you are doing. It may be like a baby you invest in to relate to the parents

2. Let Purpose Pull You

What have you overcome? In my case, losing a best friend at the age of 32, losing weight, transforming wealth, and businesses, I was also in an abusive relationship in my late teens – early 20’s. This experience drastically impacted me from a trust and relational standpoint. I have a deep place in my heart for battered women, and helping end homelessness.

A portion of our profits are purposed for this.

Ask yourself, what speaks to your heart? What are you afraid to share with people? Those are typically exactly what we should release so it no longer has power over us, but rather it inspires others.

3. Gifts. Talents. Abilities.

What comes to you easily and effortlessly? What do people tell you that you are great at that you shrug off? Are you a great inspirational impact? Are you a writer? An artist? A coach? How could you combine both of those things to create your own lifestyle business? P.s. a helpful tool is to organize areas of your life.

4. Inspirational Impact.

Where would you want to help people? Where would you want your profits to be purposed?

We are all capable of creating a life that we love. When we pursue our passions, answer the call to our purpose, grow our gifts, talents, and abilities, serve others, and purpose our profits hearts, anything and everything is possible. All you have to do is take the leap of faith.

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Transform + Inspire: You Were Born To.

Transform + Inspire.




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